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Need to know if this is possible before I buy ...

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  • Need to know if this is possible before I buy ...

    I'm currently using IPB 1.3 and for absolutely AGES I've been looking for a mod/hack/addon that would let my members run their own shop selling their own items i.e. custom avatars and banners. I'm considering a move to other forum software and it would be idea if this were available.

    It doesn't need to be too fancy just avatars/pictures etc... it doesn't even need to update the purchaser's settings (tho it might be nice !!). Just some pointers that I'd like (if possible) :

    * Members pay to open their shop
    * Shop owner pays a small (settable) fee for each item they sell
    * Shop owner can set own price
    * Shop owner can upload picture to forum (upload folder ?) or have a remote URL link

    Shouldn't be TOO hard I hope !!! I just have members with artistic skills, too much cash who are bored with the usual "member name effects" items. I hope that this addon would help promote some more interest.
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    This is not a standard funtion of vBulletin.

    We have however an active community of members writing modifications and addon's to vBulletin. You can find that community at, and you could ask this question there.

    I don't think there is already a modification with all your requirements there at the moment. You could have a look however at the uShop & uCash modification. There have been discussions about extending the options for that one.

    Keep in mind however that using modified sources will void your official Support to vBulletin.
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      It seems you don't need a forum, but a business web portal.

      Given the description, I wouldn't say a forum is the best way to implement it.


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        This sounds more like a shopping mall programe and there are several out there that would do what you want. ( osmall, based on oscommerce comes to mind )

        Having said that, I looked for one a while ago and couldn't find what I would call a 'good' one without spending a fortune.

        But i can see how you might want it combined in a forum type programe and it would be quite interesting
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          It's not for people to sell "real" goods for "real" money, but use points accumulated via a points system. Usually with the shop mods/hacks that I've seen people can buy name effects and that's about it. On my current forum there are people who have over a million points with nothing to spend it on.

          I'd like to know if there is a usershop mod/hack that can be added to the uShop and uCash in the way I described above !!

          Thanks for all your comments so far !


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            vBulletin does not come with an addon like ' shop'.
            The best we can offer you right now is paid subscriptions to give members access to certain forums, from where hey for example can download attachments or get information.


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