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HELP! Can't decide between vB and IPB

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  • HELP! Can't decide between vB and IPB

    I'm sure this has been gone over 1000 times. It kills me that vB doesn't have a trial like IPB does.. it just makes this so hard. I read around the net that both are great boards. I currently have a phpBB forum and am looking for a change.

    I want a forum with a nice CMS.. I see IPB is coming out with IPB dynamic and I also see on here that vB is working on something as well. I am really looking to make my site more than just a forum. I want a place for reviews news and stuff like that.. a gallery would be great as well. Support is another big issue with me as well. I see IPB has free phone support and that got my attention pretty quick.

    Does vB allow you to have unlimited subforums?

    I know the on here the answer is going to be to go with vB. I will probably post something similar on IPB forums if I can. What I really need to know is WHAT it is that makes vB better in your opinion.

    With phpBB if you do a mod you have to modify every theme to get it to work. Is it the same for vB? If I do a lot of mods to my site, how hard is it to upgrade to different versions? If I get one of those third party CMSs for vB and then vB comes out with theirs how hard is it going to be to switch to it? Also, how much is the CMS thing going to cost? I like the ability to have mods and stuff, but I do NOT want that to interfere with support or upgrades.

    Those are my major concerns.

    While I think both forums would be great for my site I want to choose the one that will work for us best and is the most expandable in the future.

    I have found many threads like this but none really helped just all said one way or the other with no real reasons. Is there a feature comparison matrix or something? I donno, maybe I'm asking a bit much. Anyway sorry for bringing up what I'm sure has been brought up a billion times before. I just need some help with this.



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    You can use the demo version to look at VB's features.

    As for the VB vs IPB thing I don't get into all of that because everyone has their own opinion.
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      Yeah I played with the admin demo.. it's cool. I just can't see how the changes look on the other side.


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        Actually you can . You create a username/password with user status, and then log in and out of the demo and see the changes on a user basis.
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          VB owns everything.


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            I can say with the best intensions vB does come first when it come to features, We used IPB for 3 years over, and now moved to vB with the idea of just making styles for it, but once we played with it, and learnt more, we ended up moved our company forums to vB. Needless to say we never been happier. The support is just the best, IPB you wait upto days, vB 30 minutes max so far, no matter what time of the day you need help.

            Yes you can have unlimitted forums and sub forums.

            You wont be disapointed with vB. The biggest forums around use vB and they know.


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              Vb has more features with IPB2 however IPB is catching up and at an extremely fast pace.IPB2.1 seems to match VB3 making IPB no longer the underdog.The forum support I for one can say is great.However VB is more expensive than IPB.
              Check out the differences in the licenses.
              vBulletin (Owned License)
              The owned vBulletin Forum license allows you to run the software on your site indefinitely. Along with this license, you will receive one year of free updates. Beyond the first year, you will have to pay a nominal fee to obtain updates for an additional year.

              This license includes free email and forum support.

              Now lets compare it to IPB's Leased License.

              One Year License · $69.95

              This will give you one year license to use Invision Power Board for one installation on all current and future versions. At the end of one year your board will continue to run but will be unsupported and access to upgrades unavailable unless you renew service.

              This license is practically the same as the owned license however it costs more to renew it.

              Now lets look at VB's leased license.

              vBulletin (Leased License)
              The leased vBulletin Forum license allows you to use the software on your site for 1 year and gives you access to products updates for that year. After 1 year, you must renew your license or remove the software from your site.

              This license includes free email and forum support.

              Here you must renew the license to renew your software,but it does come with free support.

              Now lets look at IPB's perpetual license.

              Perpetual License · $185.00

              This will give you a perpetual license to use Invision Power Board for one installation on all current and future versions. Selecting this option will also give you access to upgrades to the software for all future versions and one year of support is included.

              Hey it may be more expensive but you do get unlimited upgrades and also 2 free installations done by staff.


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                haha well yeah IPB is cheaper and have rich and better graphics

                Suggestion: Jelsoft seriously needs to work on vbulletin graphics
                Screenshot from a IPB admincp >>>
                Screenshot from a VB admincp>>>>

                dont even have to say anything bout the comparison


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                  Well if you like flashy graphics over functionality, then you are right. If you run a professional board, you would probably not care about the looks of your AdminCP, but are only interested in the possibilities.
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                    Well said... i heard a lot bout this "professinalism" all over the was just a suggestion for this "professional" software coz it looks like ewwwwwww


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                      Well taste is not really open to discussion. But all the tools come with vB to style (both board and ACP) anyway you like.
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                        well... IPB2 is more simple than vBulletin3 and much easyer to use but i think that vBulletin3 is better


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                          Well vB got some really unique features for sure ...but IPB runs faster, easy to MOD and very fast while moving a site even with MODs or Hacks ....restoring vB database takes like ages its bulkier and can be a resource hog thats wat i heard so far bout vbulletin from ur own members...however IPB needs some more quality features like superadmin, which they said is coming soon


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                            i used all IPB version's exist (0.1...1.1...2.1...) 2.1 is in alpha
                            well i must say that i realy like it but.......... vBulletin is for hardcore user's!


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                              I prefer IPB's licensing options however it seems VB has superior support.
                              However I don't really need support that much so I go for value for money.
                              However I really did want VB.


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