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Considering Vb or IPB 2(whats the difference)

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  • Considering Vb or IPB 2(whats the difference)

    I am considering buying Vbulletin since I heard it was really good.However I am hesitant to do so because I have never tried it out first hand.While I have had experience with IPB 2.Well I was going to buy an owned license for IPB 2 since it seems it has the same features.However I wanted to know what Vb that IPB 2 doesn't have,if Vb has more features I may opt for it.
    I would go for Vb if it was the same however you have to pay to get updates after the 1st year and with IPB you don't have to.Correct me If I'm wrong.
    They both have custom BBcode,well please reply soon.
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    I used IPB 1 and 2, so I know my way around the software. vBulletin in my opinion, depending on what you want, is much better when it comes to skinning, editing, and customizing your options. Security is better as well.

    If you want, browse the demo version of vBulletin. Just going through that, you can see what features are there, as it's very close to the licensed version.

    The only thing that I see as a major want that IPB has that vB does is in-line moderation (and a couple of other things coming out in IPB 2.1), but from what I have heard around here is that they are developing something similar to that for vB, so it'll be fine.
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      So basically IPB 2 has everything Vb has or what??
      Could someone post a comparison please.
      Alot of big websites use Vb,but thats because it has been out longer.


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        As an ex-customer of IPB, I would recomend against using them, based on my experience concerning the professionalism of the company. That's not to say the software isn't decent though.


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          How long has it been since you left.
          I'm guessing your using VB,hows the service and how long have you been with them.
          In terms of product which is better??


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            To each their own baki. Some people feel IPB is better for them. Others is vBulletin.

            My suggestion is if you haven't already, give vBulletin a test drive.
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              I use vB and IPB. vB is much easier to modify with either mods or design. IPB is very nice but I prefer vB...
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                Both software packages are worth every penny. It really comes down to personal preference and what you plan to do with your community. I help to moderate both a vB and IPB community, so each has their upsides and downsides. I think vB has a better stock layout, along with a more "friendly" feel to it. However, IPB seems to have a more professional feel to it, and uses a minimalist approach to the layout. vBulletin has a lot of features, as does IPB, but vBulletin also has some exclusive features like an advanced permissions manager, better control over user groups, etc. But on the same token, IPB has some nice exclusive perks such as topic and forum multi-moderation, multi-quote and inline moderation. Also, the next major release of IPB is going to introduce rich-text editors (WYSIWYG) and topic rating.

                As of now, vBulletin is superior, if you're interested in features. Also, vBulletin is the most popular BBS ever created, so you know that's it has been "tried-and-tested." Keep in mind the stock software is also fully CSS and XHTML compliant. On the flip side, though, IPB is generally regarded as more secure, and has very few known security exploits.


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                  Originally posted by GreggH
                  As an ex-customer of IPB, I would recomend against using them, based on my experience concerning the professionalism of the company. That's not to say the software isn't decent though.
                  I'll second that....and I was with them for 3 years.


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                    Before I use vbulletin, I used IPB 2.1. Actually they have pros and cons. In term of development, IPB keeps releasing new version in a shorter period of time. You can see it in their website. I haven't heard any official news about the next release of vbulletin but I already heard official news about next version of IPB (what features they will offer to the new version).

                    My suggestion is to try both vbulletin and IPB first before you buy anyone of them. Some people like IPB and some people like vBulletin. There are features that IPB 2.1 has but vBulletin doesn't have, and vice versa. So you cannot say this is better than the other until you try it yourself. Also some people said vBulletin is more resource intensive than IPB. The best thing to do is to try.


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                      Originally posted by GreggH
                      As an ex-customer of IPB, I would recomend against using them, based on my experience concerning the professionalism of the company. That's not to say the software isn't decent though.
                      IMO comments like that to an extent are moot. Why? Every person and every situation is unique/different. I have a lifetime license for both IPB and Vbulletin and have had to request help from both of them many a time. And in both cases I have had zero problems or hassles. So comments like that to me are rather moot, to an extent. Go to the IPB boards and you'll hear bad stuff about support here too. So really...this to me is pointless. At least on the competing boards forums.

                      As well, coming to a competitors board and asking which is better or for a good comparison is also a rather one sided affair. Sure you'll get people that say they have both and use both boards. But like this thread has shown, it's still a rather one sided affair. If you go to IPB and ask the same thing, they will post the same sort of responses. And they will do the same thing by posting all of the things IPB has that Jelsoft (VB) doesn't. And the same thing, people there will say they have or have used both boards but for various reasons have chosen IPB2.

                      The best thing to do is either download the trial (as in IPB's case), or check out the test admin area (as in vb3's case) and see which is more to your liking. Also check out various boards that are not IPB or VB 3 related. Both IPB and VB or their fanboys will try whipping out the statistics cards or personal experiences with the support teams at both. In the end however what it comes down to is personal preference and which one you feel is best for your members, what you will be using your forums for, and which one you feel more comfortable with. They both have their pros and cons.

                      And don't let the techies help choose for you either. (You know, the people that have worked on both boards in both php and template/skin based areas.) You'll get the same sort of responses from them as well.

                      Like I've said, I've got both boards. I like both and have had zero problems from support at both. Both have pros and cons, but both are top of the line boards. Now, try posting this same question over there and watch the IPB fanboys and the "I've had bad tech support help from VB" people come out too. LOL

                      Just use which one you feel best supports yours and your members needs. 2.1 looks excellent for IPB...and nothing is known what Jelsoft has in store for the next VB release. (Not that I've seen anyways.) Could be just another security update...or it could contain something useful. Who knows really. IPB isn't being secretive about their IPB 2.1 plans...whereas getting info from Jelsoft on their next release is a pretty impossible deal. With Jelsoft its a crapshoot about whats coming. Your guess is as good as ours.

                      Long story's a never ending squabble between the fanboys of both boards. Ask your members what they would prefer and test the boards out yourself. Personally, I like IPB 2.0's clean and smooth and less bloated look. My members also liked IPB 2's features like multi-quote, the feature rich USER CP, and I liked getting all of these features out of the box and not with any hacking. Sure the hacking isn't usually TOO BAD with VB. But if VB releases updates every few can get tiresome having to re-do them all. Honestly, I have more important things to do with my time than constantly re-install hacks. However VB has a larger fanbase and better skinning abilities. Support is very good and it does have some features IPB doesnt...yet. So, just do what you feel is best for your members and board. Either way, you are getting good quality board. It all just comes down to personal preference, experience, and what you feel would be best for your members.
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                        Actually I do believe quite a few users here while, they are baised they are genally sharing their honest opinions, alot of them have already used most of the other software, but not all. GreggH is not a customers of ours, at least as of yet, just a user who has had a rather bad happenings with some of the IPB staff.

                        That being said, I can't imagine any of our current customers actually saying we have bad support :/


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                          I have tried out IPB2 and liked thefeatures alot and definetely preffered the look to VB.I'm not looking for looks I want to know which has more features and ease of use.
                          I am also a mod on a VB and a few IPB2 forums.I am currently using IPB 1.3 which is currently distateful after trying out IPB2.However alot of large websites and a few companies use VB I haven't seen a company use IPB 2 however.
                          Maybe they do but probalbly only a few.:/


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                            Check the IPB forums and other forums as well though on what some think of VB's support. I agree though they are sharing their opinions, just as I am mine. I have had good support here...but I have also had no problems with IPB either like some people say they have.

                            Also, he doesn't state that he's had any problems with the IPB staff. As for the current customers saying VB has bad support, they may be current customers that have moved to IPB for whatever reasons that feel they may have had bad support here. Both are good boards. Both have their ups and downs. However, in the end I support both boards at this point. I have had good experiences with both. And at the end of the day I am happy with using either board. I would suggest Baki checking with his members to see what they would prefer. As well, he has to take what he wants to do into consideration. Just because one or 2 people feel they had a bad experience with one forum (or its support) or another, does not mean everyone else will. And that should not be a deciding factor. Do a google search. The IPB vs. VB battle is long and distinguished and both end up at a stalemate. I would suggest going with what works best for you and your members. At the end of the day, its what you and your members think that matters.


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                              vB vs IPB in my experiences.

                              server load:
                              nominal diffreence unless you have a big community with avatars and images in posts.

                              style/color changes:

                              vB easy to do and lots of options IPB doesnt offer.
                              vB has a MCP along with the ACP so you can give your mods access to a CP that wont bring down your forums.

                              vB does all the support options you get with IPB but as you can already tell the pre-sales forum is NOT moderiated like IPB is. there are NO hidden forums for paid customers, all browsers of the forums can see EVERY forum paying customer or unregistered guest. i have seen the IPB staff remove threads, posts and ban PAID customers for no good aparent reason from the forums. the customers forum on IPB is hidden because they dont want people to be scared off before it is too late. i have been talked rudley to by IBP staff including matt.

                              vB has a fantastic staff no matter what the people act like.

                              i am not knocking ipb just telling you what i saw and experienced first hand.

                              about having to pay every year after the first for downloads you dont have to pay untill you wish to upgrade.


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