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How much time is involved in setting up and running a web forum?

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  • How much time is involved in setting up and running a web forum?

    I'm thinking of setting up a health oriented web forum board ie, for people with ADD. I would use vbulletin, and I don't know how to program or use php and probably would not enjoy learning to do so, (I could learn a bit if i had to) although otherwise I'm pretty technically adapt.

    I'm wondering how much time ( approx guesses) might be involved in installing vbulletin, learning the basics of using it, laying out the forum and creating all the procedures i need to do to get it fully operational including learning how to back up and maintain it? It would be a small to medium site initally.

    ie how much time out of my life will go into this? I don't expect to do this all in a day or 2 mind you.

    how much time would be involved in running it on a weekly or monthly basis ie backups upgrades user maintenance etc?

    I'm very familiar with computers and have used forums before but never moderated or run them. I want to know what I'm getting into before I dive into the deep end.

    is there anything i need to do from the start to set it up to be search engine friendly off the bat?

    If you had a chance to start your forum all over again, what are a few things you might do differently? what's a few things you feel that you did that you felt were really to creating and growing your forums?

    thanks in advance.

    curiously yours


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    i have ADHD >_>


    i do backups daily, let me just point that off right off the bat just to warn you.

    install vB not long at all. learning, depends on how you learn, i am a very fast learner. its easy at first to start off with a forum

    but to grow and to grow large then it gets time consuming i spend countless hours on my site daily and i do daily backups as i stated earlier and currently my site has 245 members and the database is just over 50MB other users here i know have thousands of members and have databases GBs in size.

    But to let you know, i run my site, a company, i go to school (college, pre-medical concentration), and work in a hospital all at the same time. And can't friggen sleep -_- *is 4:11AM* sorry if the post didn't help at all for that reason


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      I installed and set up my VBulletin in about 4 hours.

      You have to keep up with new user registration if you have it moderated and you should do a backup weekly of your board.

      I wouldn't change anything...I like our small but growing community.


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