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Does meets VB 3.0.7 requirements?

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  • Does meets VB 3.0.7 requirements?

    Dear Sir

    I am woundering before I go for in hosting ..does their current specifications meets your VB 3.0.7 ? ..Does in another word current VB version runs in these specsification ? Shall I go for it ?

    This page explains these specs

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    Hello Fawaz,

    Very smart of you to browse around and ask on this web site (and others) for experiences with hosting solutions in combination with vBulletin.

    If my memory is correct I helped a few customers in the last year to setup their vBulletin upgrade/installation and/or install some styles. The host was stable, fast and I had no issues. However, as I do not host my site(s) there personally that could be 'luck'.

    By just looking at their specifications on that page, FreeBSD is a good operating system, Apache is a nice web server, PHP 4.3.4 works with vBulletin, MySQL 4.0.13 works with vBulletin and they offer phpMyAdmin. If I see it right XML is enabled, and the server API is CGI (I don't prefer it to be CGI, but it shouldn't matter).

    curl, xml, gd and gzip/zlib are all available according to that page, so you should be able to run vBulletin.

    So yeah, vBulletin should run there without an issue. But that is no guarantee of course.

    What you perhaps could do is contact them and request them for a test account or to upload a file for you to run through a browser. This script will help you check if all requirements for vBulletin are in place.

    Here is the post with the script: (vb_test.php)

    Hopefully someone with experience can give you more information then I could.


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      Thanks alot Floris for this kind response..Golbate has now great offer which cant be resisted hopfully I will go for it especially they offer 30 days gurantee which is more than enough to test my file there..thanks alot Floris ..appricaite it.


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        Hello again,

        You're welcome and happy to hear you've confirmed they offer a no-good-money-back (30 days) guarantee. Perhaps get that through email, so you have it in writing.

        Good luck with the test and the server move, I'm sure things will work out just fine.


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          I don't see SSH support anywhere, which you might want to use to backup your database, but for a small forum, it's not a big priority...
          Best Regards
          Colin Frei

          Please don't contact me per PM.


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            Thanks again Floris
            Thanks Colin ... I will check with them regarding backup issue.. it is quite important that backup service enables these essential things I would say..thanks again Colin for ginune advice..


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              Good call. I remember the old days where every account came with telnet - but unfortunatly due to security being an issue these days more and more providers are only providing shell access through SSH2 on the much more expensive hosting solutions like managed/dedicated servers.
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