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Before I buy... phpbb to vb3

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  • Before I buy... phpbb to vb3

    Before i buy my liscense i want a few questions answered

    I am running phpbb with approx 8,000 + users

    My many mods installed on my forum including cash mod, quick reply, shop mod, lottery mod, and some other ones.

    will these cause a threat when using impex?

    My forum started in june. And i have all the posts from then. would it be possible to only back up the last 3 months of posts and topics on certain forums AND still have the total forum board post count be the same?

    I also am having some SQL errors with phpbb trying to install sub forum hierarchy mod. i get errors when view polls and changing group permissions.
    Will this error still be here when i am fully converted?


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    Welcome to vBulletin!

    Unfortunately Impex only imports the default stock setups. This is the latest phpBB (2.0.4 - 2.0.11) and the Impex system should work. The only real reason why it doesn't really work is because the database has been changed significantly
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      Ok, I think that may be for the best

      So, just to clarify... after the full conversion, I will have a clean board with just those stock tables that you gave me?

      Now the previous phpbb mods won't cause any conflicts right? What about sql lines that have been altered due to a phpbb mod?
      For example, the cashmod alters the posts table, correct?

      How does impex deal with that?


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        It ignores it,

        the import will only import stock data from phpBB, as long as nothing to the stock info has been modified it should be able to bring over most of the data.


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          I've just purchased Vb
          Thanks for the fast support!


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            Good choice Abaweet69
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