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  • sportn3
    New Member
    • Jan 2005
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    OK. I’m use to creating HTML sites with editors, Front Page and the likes.

    From what I’m reading about bulletin, you upload it to the host and then everything is done from some sort of admin tool. Is that correct? So you don’t have anything running on the local PC to do the development and then upload it?

    Also how does vBulliten, blend in with HTML pages or would it be better to have the entire site vBulliten?

  • ManagerJosh
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2002
    • 9922

    vBulletin isn't just HTML. It is also PHP. You'll need to find your own way of getting your own personalized pages into vBulletin. I think it would be easier to base everything off vBulletin simply because of its advance templating.
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