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Why VB?

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  • Bunny
    vBulletin has a lot more features than phpBB. You will see that clearly in the admin cp.

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  • Bad_i_BILL
    In my opinion, it is like saying this:

    My chevy gets me where I want to go, it has a heater, radio & similiar features. So why would I want to invest in a Cadillac or Lexus.

    Some of us know class, comfort, & reliability when we see it.

    vB is the Cadillac of forum software.

    (I am not a licensed owner of vB, But I play one on the internet)

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  • Forum-Style
    We have found a good deal from vB, we deal with IPB, phpbb and other forum software, needless to say we now only use vB on our main site, we more than happy, as for bandwidth well when we first moved to vb, we did not notice much, but since we had our server config tweaked we way more than happy It was fast, now its amazing, even with such heavy loads to the server as we get, and large downloads of files and graphics.

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  • ManagerJosh
    Hi Scooby:

    vBulletin is just another forum software. It has a few more features than phpBB plus you also get a guarenteed support team.

    If you haven't already, invest a bit of time looking at the admindemo ->

    But overall, vB has been known to be able to sustain 1,000+ concurrent users with millions of threads and posts which is why you probably heard about its performance repuitation.

    Mainly its whether you see vB in your site's future. Apparently you are happy with phpBB and find no urge to move. That's fine. You are the only one who really knows your site the best and knows what suits your needs the most.

    Hope that helps

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  • Scoobycity
    started a topic Why VB?

    Why VB?

    I run a 3 year old phpBB forum with about 1500 users, and a database kept around the 90,000 post level.

    I've often heard that VBulletin is better but never really heard the reasons why nor can I find the basic answer to that question using the search.

    I've never had any speed issues with our current site, it runs pretty much seemlessly. It has alot of mods which are of great use to the users, it has a combined gallery and front page portal and all in all its a pretty good looking and well liked site.

    So why am I even posting here?

    Well could one of the advantages be bandwidth? We seem to be using a vast amount of bandwidth and we won't be able to sustain the amount its costing for much longer.

    If theres a saving to be had here then I'm all ears

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