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Wasn't sure where to post this - Piracy questions.

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  • Wasn't sure where to post this - Piracy questions.

    Ok I just got threatened by my server. They were going to shut me down because I was running an illegal VB. It seems VB reported me for running a board wiht no license.

    Problem is I have a license. Two of them actually.

    I have a problem with how this whole thing is handled (guy on the phone was kinda rude, so I fugured I'd post on the board because the people here are always nice)

    It seems someone reported me for running an illegal VB.
    VB looked in their database, did not see my domain name and reported me to my server.
    MY server e-mails me that I am going to be shut down if I do not hadle this within 48 hours.

    Here is my problem.

    1) How the hell is some random person going to know if my VB is legal or not, that they can report me to VB? They also get to do the reporting without having to say who they are.

    I mean my board looks like any other VB. All the info is there, nothing was removed.

    2) Why did VB never contact me directly? There were contact links all over my site. An e-mail saying the got a report and that I did not seem to be in the database could have been very easily cleared up.

    I mean it could have been any number of reasons.

    -I just changed domains and have not notified them yet
    -the doman name could have been misspelled.

    things like that. There are a number of reasons. All they had to do was e-mail me and ask. I could have provided my license number and figured out why I was not in the database.

    But no, instead of being polite and sending off an e-mail, They instantly report me to my server.

    I mean I am all against piracy and I want them to be able to protect their work, but I had to go through a huge hassel because some idiot on my site probably got mad at me and wanted to try and get me in trouble.

    Again I ask, how would a person know if I had a license or not?

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    It is not possible for a user to see if a site runs with or without a vBulletin license. They are free to report a site they suspect to run unlicensed. When a site is reported our anti piracy staff will attempt to look up a license number linked to the reported domain name. When he or she can not find a valid license we will contact the site owner first. The email will hold some information why the site owner is contacted, what options to pick from, or which possible actions we might take. An action is to contact the hosting provider if the site owner doens't reply within a reasonable time period. I believe the site owner is the user who is the register for the domain name.

    You can inform your hosting provider with the license number for your vBulletin license and explain to the host you are actually licensed. Tell your hosting provider to reply to the email they received with this license number. Our anti piracy guy will then process that email and look up the license number and see if it is a) valid and b) linked to the domain in question.

    After this the issue should be resolved.


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      Ok that is a policy I can understand. Here is the problem. VB never contacted me. Ever. First I heard about it was from my server threatening to shut me down.

      I did contact my server with the informationa nd I hope it will be resolved.

      I just suggest that VB might want to rethink it's policies here.

      I am a long time user, with two site licenses and until today never had a problem. I just really am disappointed in the way I was treated in this matter.

      Oh an dI am the site owner. Everythign has been registered by me, so if anyone was contacted it would have been me.


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        If i read this right the vB team contact the owner of the domain name (not the person in the "contact us" link on the forums), you also mentioned you are the owner of the domain, but best check the WHOIS database to make sure you are contactable through it, something like may help prove if you're contact details for the domain name are up to date.


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          vBulletin/Jelsoft does not contact you. vBulletin outsources its piracy division to a lawfirm or piracy group, from my understanding. They will only send one email, and that's the one they can only find. If there is no response within their set time, they start taking other action.

          My suggestion is to quickly email [email protected] and provide them with the info, and license number and it should be resolved.

          I'd also CC it to your host.

          Furthermore, I'd suggest you open up a support ticket to continue this. This way the vBulletin team can get their piracy group off your back

          [email protected]
          ManagerJosh, Owner of 4 XenForo Licenses, 1 vBulletin Legacy License, 1 Internet Brands Suite License
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            Well, whoever is in charge never sent that "one" e-mail.

            I am the owner of the board and the domain name, all contact info goes to me.

            I already took care of this with my server, they contacted VB and it has been resolved.

            That is not my problem.

            MY problem is someone reported me for no reason becuase as it was established, they would never know if I had a legal version or not. So some disgruntled former users was allowed to cause this kind of trouble and nothing was done to verify the truth.

            That is my problem.


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              1. Some one reported you
              2. The company that handles VB's privacy issues probably tried to contact you but for some reason you didn't get the email
              3. They probably think you didn't respond and reported to your host.
              4. Your host threaten to shut you down
              5. You contacted VB directly and resolved the problem.
              6. It was just a miscommunication.
              7. H*ll, the email probably went to you spam box.

              My license information with VB is all up to date, and the reason for me to keep it up to date is to avoid the exact problem that you had. If a disgruntled user report me, I will not go through what you did. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that keep your information up to date and you should have no problem.
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