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  • Hardware and architecture

    1.) 1 server or 2: Okay, I have the option of using two servers or just one. I know, at launch, one server should be able to handle the beginning traffic, but what about when there are 5000 members? Should I use the two servers from the beginning or can one server handle all of this? Basically, what should I expect? Is there a large benefit of using a web server and a server for MySQL?

    I have two Dell 600SC 's: Each has 512MB RAM and a Pentium 4 2400 processor with 533FSB.

    2.) Hard Drive space: Lets assume a large amount of pictures at 100k each and huge thread content. What would be the expected hard drive space? I know this is relative but should I expect 40GB, 100GB or 500GB??

    3.) Bandwidth: 512Kbps Upstream sufficient? What max load could I expect from this? Will members be frusterated from lag? I know this is relative but any averages or ballpark figures would be great...

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    1. One servers good, 2 is way better, are there going to be 5000 active members online at once? I dont think 2 solo servers can handle that...

    More ram, 1GB mininum the more ram for mysql the better

    2. Depends on what you allow about I've never seen a database much larger than 3GB, but thats me and what i've delt with.

    3. I can kill that with my home connection. Best to find somthing with 10mbit unmetered or a ballpark chunk of bandwith.


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      Cool I'll use 2 servers and get some more memory..

      The bandwidth is more difficult. 6Mbps down and 512Kbps up is $70/mo. Unfortunatley I can't get more unless I go to 1.5 Mbps upstream at $450/mo on RoadRunner Cable (TWC). Any ideas for the bandwidth you suggested?
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        I am guessing you are hosting at home?

        Anyway to find a colo in yoour area or retivily close


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          Not that I can immediately find. I'll be looking into it. Perhaps, I'll cross the bridge when I get there...

          Thanks for you help!
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