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  • Weapon-x
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    • Jan 2005
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    Coming form phpbb to vbulletin

    Hello i am coming from phpbb to vbulletin and i got a few questions. Is it safe to convert to vbulletin and still have all my members and all the posts and threads? How do i convert. What do i need to convert. Do i need a backup of phpbb.sql from the Admin Control Panel. Does converting open any holes in the board? Will i still be admin of my board with my phpbb username and password? Is vbulletin secure? And whats the difference from leased license and owned license which is a better buy?
  • Steve Machol
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    • Jul 2000
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    We have an import script for phpBB. You can read about it here:

    Please view the online instructions here:

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    • Weapon-x
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      • Jan 2005
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      • 3.6.x

      You lost me like what do i do just upload the .sql file and it works or what i am so lost right now.


      • Blitz Ace
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        • Feb 2004
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        First, always make a backup of both the existing vB and phpBB databases. Download the ImpEx files from the member area, and update the configuration file contained therein - ImpEx/ImpExConfig.php.

        Inside you will need to set the database info for your target database (vB, if you are converting phpBB into vB) and the source database info (phpBB.) Also, make sure you set sourceexists to true. It's the line right above source database info.

        After you've uploaded the completed config and the entire ImpEx directory into your webster at forum/impex you can access the importers via the ACP. Select phpBB from the dropdown box, and then run each module one at a time. After you are done, go into update counters and update everything including forums, styles, posts, orphan posts, and then if you have some spare time rebuild the search index as well.

        About keeping your current users safe, yes you can choose to associate users who exist in both databases into a single user, copy phpbb into vb, and retain vb users. Make sure you check the permissions and group permissions on all of the forums after you run the import, not everything permission based is copied over. Actually, I'm not sure anything is retained, so I'd reset all your permissions just to be safe.


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