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Migration from megaBBS to vBullettin

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  • Migration from megaBBS to vBullettin

    Hi to all ....

    Sorry for my english , I'm italian .

    We have now a megaBBS forum with 700 users and 90MB access Database.

    We would like to migrate it to Vbullettin .....

    I have some question .....

    Can vBullettin run on windows 2000 or windows 2000 server ?

    Anyone have just do this kind of migration ?

    which it is the best tool to convert the database from access to mysql ?

    vBullettin have some tools to import mysql database to own mysql database ?

    thanks in advance

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    Yes, vBulletin can run on anything that will run a webserver that supports php and mysql, so this includes windows 2000 2003 and even xp if you wanted to.

    There is not a tool yet, however if you can provide test data to our Import Developer Jerry he should be able to come up with something


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      Originally posted by Zachery
      our Import Developer Jerry can get in contact with him here: by sending him a private message or an email
      Originally Posted by Zachery
      John originally presented vBulletin to Infopop, they didn't take it, so he took it and sold it

      Originally Posted by Martin
      We had to do a lot of arm twisting to get him to do it, though. I would imagine he still hates us.


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        ok , thanks to everybody .......

        I'm going to do a little database example for your import developer.

        I hope that he can help us with this no simple process ......



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          Another challenge
          I wrote ImpEx.

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            ok I hope we win this challenge


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              Originally posted by Jerry View Post
              Another challenge
              Apologies... duplicate post. Actual post is below...


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                Conversion form MegaBBS to vBulletin - advice?

                Originally posted by Jerry View Post
                Another challenge
                Hi Jerry

                I run the Technology at Play site ( and am gearing up for the change from MegaBBS to vBulletin.

                If you have time (understanding you are very busy) I would greatly appreciate some help/advise regarding the database conversion.

                As you can appreciate... my major conconcern is not losing the last 'X' years worth of data.

                Looking forward to the 'move'.

                Thanks in advance.



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