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Project proposal items for implementing a community using vBulletin

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  • Project proposal items for implementing a community using vBulletin

    I am developping a Project Proposal Plan to a software company on the implementation of a community. The goal is to create forums for Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, SDK, Troubleshooting, ...

    There are many sections that needs to be answered for the PPP.
    I already found some answers while browsing the site but user input is always the best input.

    So, Here is a quick list of questions that needs more answer:

    a) Benefits of having a community for a company
    b) Cost: Implementation, Recurring, Maintenance/week, Moderator/week, employees, ...
    c) Time Requirement: Maintenance, Moderator, Employees
    d) Risks: ????

    Thanks for all the input.

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    a. Benefits of having a community.
    The benefits are already mentioned by yourself. You can have a troubleshooting section, paid support (priority support) section, pre-sales, etc. Your site will have dynamic and active content and helps both new and potential customers as well as existing and returning customers.

    b. Costs.
    vBulletin costs a license fee, and installation can be done yourself within the hour and directly after the purchase has completed. The forum software requires you to setup some forums after installation after which it can go live. Having a staff member browse once per day or week or month to remove spam posts or abusive users helps, and maybe someone else to answer the pre-sales questions, etc. But it is developed to be able to run without supervision.

    c. Time.
    Same as above.

    d. Risks
    The risk is that you allow others to post on it publicly. Competition could post negative testimonials and fake experiences or spam their own services.