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  • Licence and Testing

    Hi I have a licence and working on setting things up design content features and stuff for my art school forums - we are doing overhaul of or school's website and the forums will not go lve for quite a bit.

    however I would need vbulletin for another site in our network so techicaly i have a license to do that, but schools forums are about 70% done and running on a server for me to develope and stuff - no members or actual operation and not accessible to the public

    My question is can i use existing license to setup another forum and go live with it while being able to continue work on the schools forum and buy the second license when ready to go live with it?

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    Aside your valid license you have permission to have a temporary test or development server install away from the public, in a testvb/ or vbtest/ directory. Check the license agreement on the proper working and rules.

    Note: If you buy another license you have to replace the files from one of the two with the licensed files. Otherwise you have 2 instances running on 1 set of files.


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      I bit confusing here is what i have/need to have:

      a) existing licence is run at and not accessible to public - being developed

      b) have another site at developed and made live before

      c) when is finished buy second licence and make live?

      can i upload script to and make it live and still have install (not live) to continue work?

      answer (please select one)

      1. Yes, you can do that

      2. No, to do that you need a separate license before you upload script on another domain even if none of the sites are live.

      the reason being is that i have to pospone the release of forums but do not want to loose all of the edits and customizations already made to it (templates and a few hacks). also i would like to continue working/customizing it.
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        The answer would be #1.
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