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Thinking of buying VB... can my server handle it?

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  • Thinking of buying VB... can my server handle it?

    I've been using a free forum for about a year now, but my website has a few hundred members and a nearly 40,000 posts so I'm beginning to notice the limitations of free boards. I'm also going to move my website to a new server, but I'm curious as to what would be safe to buy (hosting-wise) in terms of monthly bandwidth and storage space to be able to host a VB.

    Right now, I'm checking out a host that offers ~1000 mb hosting and ~40 gb a month bandwidth (the MySQL DB can be as large as the webspace I have, so it can be as large as 1000mb). Considering the stats I posted above, should that webhost be satisfactory, or are there other things I need to look into?

    Btw: If the webhost stats above are more than enough, how large of a community could a webhost w/ those stats host (for future planning)?

    Thank you.

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    Well I would think that kind of host would let you host a rather large site but I'm really not sure because you never know if you are going to have an unexpected burst of growth in yours forums. But imo It should be satisfactory for a few years.


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      I'm fairly certain my forum won't explode anytime soon, its been growing very steadily although its become much busier lately.



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        You have more than enough space & bandwidth for vbulletin. VBulletin is very clean and bloat free code, with a minimal amount of queries. And if your board ever gets slow(Because of Lots of members) VBulletin will optimize & repair your sql tables for you. And if you are a beginner in css, php, or html, there is a vb hack database with great support, a great vb template hack site for template tweaking site, and a very easy style system(very helpful). Load PHPBB, and vbulletin, in a new install, you will see a major performance difference.


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          We can't give you much info without a dollar figure. You also cannot make a decision based solely on statistics. Things like non-standard PHP (vDeck -- it makes everything complicated!), frequent outages, flaky network connections, and hostile customer service don't show up on the specifications.


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