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setting permissions on vb_test.php file

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  • setting permissions on vb_test.php file

    I ran the test script (tests that your MySQL user has the appropriate permissions). At first I received "failed" on all MySQL operations. I could not find an option within the Plesk control panel to change the permission for the SQL user. (I did create the database myself, but there is never an option to set permissions.)

    So I used the file manager to set the permissions for the vb_test.php file to have all permissions.

    Then all the MySQL operations passed.

    Is this a valid test since I did not do anything with the MySQL user?

    I read in a forum that people have had trouble installing vBulletin with Plesk. Is that an issue?


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    This depends, you need to have a mysql user and password to run on the mysql test.

    What version of php and mysql do you have running on your plesk system?


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      I have a database user and password. I was required to enter them when I created the database.

      Was I suppose to put those in the test script? I don't remember that in the instructions.

      PHP Version 4.2.2
      mysql 3.23.58


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        I just ran the script again. The test prompted you to enter those fields, so they weren't needed IN the script.


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          I would upgrade php and mysql if at all possible, php 4.2.2 is very buggy and unstable, and mysql 3 while it is good enough to run vB you would be much better off with mysql 4.


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            Ok. I will talk to the host and see what can be done about the upgrades.

            Thanks for your help.


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