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Does vBulliten have a news/statistics exporter?

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  • Does vBulliten have a news/statistics exporter?

    I am very close to jumping the fence from IPB to vBulliten. One think I need to know is if it has a news/statistics exporter like IPB's SSI function. Basically all you did was edit a template, set which forums you wanted exported, and include the file. I ahve seen something about the sindication feature, but it looks a bit confusing to set up. Are there any mods that handle this better?

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    Do you mean like an RSS feed?

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      Originally posted by Steve Machol

      Kind of...

      In Invision they have a file called SSI.PHP, and you call the various functions through ssi, or php includes. The makor differance I see, is that thier version uses editable HTML templates. But It should be easy to format if I use java script.

      How do I write the Javescript ones?


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        I don't think the ssi.php for IPB is built in for vB, however, as per mentioned, there is the external content feed provider. You can also try to ask around on to see if there's people with something similar to IPB's SSI.

        The Javascript output provides something such as this (from my board)
        function thread(threadid, title, poster, threaddate, threadtime) {
         this.threadid = threadid;
         this.title = title;
         this.poster = poster;
         this.threaddate = threaddate;
         this.threadtime = threadtime;
         var threads = new Array(2);
         threads[0] = new thread(11, 'What Can I Look Forward For On Gogmia? (2004/07/18) - Discuss', 'Administrator', '07-18-2004', '06:40 PM');
         threads[1] = new thread(2, 'Gogmia Press Release (2004/07/14) - Discuss', 'Administrator', '07-15-2004', '05:48 AM');
        You can then parse the threads you want to use for your webpage.
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