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  • Few Questions...

    I currently run 2 community sites and, and I was looking into moving to vBulletin3, but there were somethings I needed to know first.

    1. Is there a converter for IPB2 to vBulletin3? If so what does it NOT convert over?

    2. If I start off with a single one year license, do I receive a discount if I want to upgrade to lifetime/or buy another license?

    3. The skinning system, is it very basic and easy to get to know? (not color changing but actual html templates and what not).

    4. Is there also a way to integrate 2 external forums into 1 database? (Future feature maybe?)

    Thats about it, any feedback would be appreciated it.


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    1. Yes You can find out what the importer does import here

    2. No, it will cost a full 160 to upgrade after 30 days have gone by (you can purchase a leased, and move to a full license within 30 days for another 85 USD)

    3. This purely depends on your knowleged of XHTML / CSS, Ive been using html since i was about 13 and working with vB since i was 15, ive never had any issues editing at least the basics (some tables, the header and footer templates). Overall I would say its simple to modify the header and footer as well as colors to get a good change, after that it is purely depandant on your XHTML/CSS abilitys

    4. Do you mean import 2 forums into one? or have two forums that interact with eachother live?


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      Originally posted by Zachery
      4. Do you mean import 2 forums into one? or have two forums that interact with eachother live?
      Thanks for the response,

      What I mean is, I'd like to have 2 sites, use the same memberbase so if Joe signs up at one site, he's automatically a member of the other.


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        The memberbase part will require either some hacking on the login module to get the login and registration to dump the user information to one database; OR you will need a back end crontab script that executes to sync the user database with one another once every how much ever time. However, please be reminded that if you are running two instances of the forums (like all other licensed forum scripts out there), you will need two licenses instead of just one.

        You can actually try the skinning process on your own and find out if it is easy for you or not Visit and give it a try
        Best Regards,
        Andy Huang


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