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    Originally posted by Reeve of Shinra
    At this point, in my mind, this is like buying a Daewoo or a Lexus when both cost the same price... its like why would you even consider the Daewoo?
    OI! My wife has a Daewoo...damn fine cars!!!

    I know what you mean though

    I also came from an IPB board and although I still like IPB, I do like VB also, but am a little frustrated with some parts of it, sometimes I think "it's just not IPB" but am slowly warming to it and enjoying it at the same time.
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      If you are frustrated with parts of vB, try posting some feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. Devs consider them quite a bit, and if there is enough support, chances of your suggestions hitting the next version are relatively pretty good.
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        Originally posted by Alfarin
        hehe, I think vB is a good software, and the support is 1000 times better than IPB's support; but I'm not quite at the state where I'm in love with vB... yet.
        Give it a little more time... it will grow on you
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          IPB specific discussions and their policy is really something for their company web site. We are here for vBulletin.

          Note on trail and not free, it is true. They changed their policy and called their free version a unlimited trail version. Changing unlimited to a x days or x months period is not any longer unlimited though. Note: Only for that version you downloaded it is unlimited. You get no support, no updates, etc. The unlimited and trail goes as far as that you use it.


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            Originally posted by Floris
            I won't lie to you 'vBulletin will always cost money, unless they make me CEO'.
            Jesus - That would mean that I will have to pay $299 for vB

            Is someone hearing - Don't even think about Making Floris the CEO

            Originally posted by Floris
            I think that $160 is too low for what they offer and for the R&D that goes into it. I'd vote for raising the price from $160 to $200 round at least, and suggest to increase it to $299.

            Source -

            PS. Just Kidding


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              Yes, I think vBulletin is actually worth more than it is being sold for. $299 would be a good price .. if I become CEO of this company, either the price will double, or I will make it free. Depends how everybody sucks up to me


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                Originally posted by xmitchx
                I actually came to vB for their support.

                IPS is crap in my opinion. They continue to not only change their policy, but also their layout. Then they change their software from free to paid. Oh yea, their custom support is the worst ive ever seen.

                I came to vB, and I love it...
                Agreed - I'm looking in to getting vB as well. I've had nothing but problems with them from the get-go:

                1. Takes them 4 days to send my registration key,

                2. They tax me 3 days of my subscription expiration date. (They start "the clock" when you buy the key, not when you actually activate at.)

                3. I've sent them 3 tickets 3 days ago - and I'm STILL waiting for a reply.

                This morning - I uninstalled it, dropped the database and told them I wanted a refund ASAP.

                The worst CS I've ever been through.

                How does one download a copy of vB?


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                  After you purchase vBulletin (for example: instant funds from paypal is instant purchase on jelsoft!) you get your customer details and then you can download the .zip and install it. I purchased it using a credit card once, within 12 hours I got the email with customer details and 15 minutes later I had my community online. I also purchased using instant funds from paypal, and within 30 minutes (including purchase) I had my site online.

                  Support tickets have been answered to my satisfaction within 15 to 30 minutes (each time).


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                    So there's no way to download 3.0 w/o buying it?


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                      No, not legaly, and doing it illegaly can get you into quite abit of legal trouble.


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                        Being a software writer, I do know the legality of it, but how does on actually have a running version so they can "kick the tires"?


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                          You mean a demo?



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                            No, it isn't free for download. Nor shareware.

                            vBulletin forum software is a professional commercial bulletin board solution that costs $160 - which we believe is ranged lower then average competition.


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                              I see. Okay well then, it looks pretty solid and all, but I'll keep looking then.
                              I've just got out of a bad experiance with IPB and I'm a little leary now.

                              Have a great day and an awesome weekend!


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                                Originally posted by Scott MacVicar
                                I think Jerry's code handled the IPB 2 method since its identical to ours apart from the salt is a md5 hash rather than just added on at the end.
                                so does that mean my members wont need to reset their passwords because they can enter the same and it works? but why should brad.loo think of creating a hack which will make it possible to import passwords?


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