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Few questions on switching from phpBB2

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  • Few questions on switching from phpBB2

    I think you've got a fine product, and I'm very keen to convert from phpBB2...even though it has served us well up to this point.

    Here's the questions I have before I commit to purchase:

    1. How smoothly will the import from phpBB2 go? I understand that there's an import utility that seems to work with varying success. I am using a mod for phpBB that allows attachment uploads. There's only 100 or so images attached, but will your import script move these over gracefully?
    2. Can we move avatars over? We have a few "galleries" setup which are essentially subdirectories of the avatar gallery. People tend to whinge when you take things away from them, so I'd rather they not lose their avatars.
    3. Can we import users and then the the threads later? The reason I ask is because we may need to sort out missing accounts/avatars/attachments before making the live cutover to vBulletin.
    4. From what I gather in these forums, attachments and avatars are stored in the MySQL database? Is there a reason for this, and does it affect query or indexing performance at all? What kind of tables are you using to store the images?
    5. I see that you offer to remove copyright notices. Can I purchase a license, and then purchase a no-copyright license later if I feel that the CR notice is to distracting for the site? Don't mind paying, but want to know that the option is available when I need it.
    6. Can you recommend someone to design templates? The blue theme just doesn't work with our site at all, and we don't have the spare time to piddle around with incorporating our own design. Anyone who could match things up with the look and feel of our existing site?

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    1- someone created a hack on (our development site) that permit to manage attachements during the import process.

    2- avatars can be managed with the integrator script (the avatar manager browse directories and insert everything depending on categories you set)... i'm not sure about the avatars during the import from phpBB to vB, but afterward, it can be easy to re-avail the avatars to users...

    3- you can decide to import only one or the other part of a board in any situation. btw, your need to filter after the import can be done by the cron jobs (yes we have integrated cron jobs for filtering and management), so you can import the entire board, and then let forums closed until they are cleaned, or filter/prune users etc

    4- you can select to store attachement or avatars or personal pictures in the db OR in file format... and vB is made to perform, not to store... depending on your sql server, the tables are set to be myisam or heap... some featurettes are made to make the life of the server better...

    5- you can purchase a license with regular account, and afterward pay for the license removing, no need to pay for two different licenses... you can even lease for one year if you're not sure... (it's half the price - you can then pay the second half in the next month if you're satisfied...)

    6- is the central point for templating and skins.. you can even hire a designer that will do the job for you.. you can use google with these keywords: vbulletin skin template

    --welcome home!
    oh no, i'm not going with Xenforo... come on, i'm better than that... i stick with Wordpress... rofl


    • #3 a few more questions. Attachments don't seem to display in a pop-up window here, and I find that a bit annoying. It also seems that you can't add attachments into private mails.

      I've been checking around, and it seems like IPB can do these.

      Basically, I want to integrate Photopost pro and hivemail as well. How well does vBulletin intergrate with these?



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        HTML compliance means that we shouldn't open attachments in new windows. Though there is now an option in the next release to pick what attachment types to open in a new window.

        You can change the template to open the link in a new window.

        Photopost and Hivemail both integrate with vBulletin 3. Though this has to be handled by those applications rather than vBulletin.
        Scott MacVicar

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          Thanks Scott,

          Let me tell you a few of the merits I see with VB3 and then those with IPB

          1. Excellent WYSIWYG editor
          2. Tachy goes to Coventry...excellent feature!
          3. excellent layout for thumbnail rows

          1. Excellent private message system with attachments
          2. excellent user control panel that seems well thought-out and uncluttered
          3. Very well laid-out calendar system
          4. Intergration module for hivemail

          Can VB3 handle video uploads? How about other languages as I'd like to make the board available it both english and Japanese?

          I'm really teetering between the two...anything that I'm missing out on here?


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            If your server is configured for it, yes you could upload video's. Yes, vBulletin's text could be english, german, french, and japanese. We support multiple languages.

            vB also intergrates like Scott said with vBulletin.

            Have you tried an admin demo?



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              Yeah, I've just tried the admin demo, but any Japanese text I input into the language admin module gets turned into all question marks when I save...any ideas?


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                I would guess because the current language your working in (english) does not have the proper character set, you can change this to a differnt one while your working like UTF-8

                AdminCP > Language & Phrases > Language Manager > [Edit Settings] > HTML Character Set


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                  Excellent! It works now...lot's of stuff to translate, so I won't play around with the admin demo any more until I purchase my own license.


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                    Well, I just took the plunge and purchased my license. The more I played around with the admin cp, the more I liked vb3. Thanks for your part in helping me arrive at my decision.

                    Now if I can only integrate the design into my site, and import all the phpBB stuff gracefully...


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                      I am also seriously considering upgrading from phpbb and was wondering if, during the conversion, EVERYTHING transfers (I have no hacks or mods on my phpbb, I mean I'm making sure all user accounts, forums, and threads transfer). Is there anything that has trouble transfering, and is there anything I should know before diving into this? Is the transfer fairly easy to run? I would need as little downtime as possible and don't have real extensive knowledge (yet) of php/mysql.


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                        eam: I recently migrated a 148,000 post, 2,800 member phpBB forum across to a fully customised vB303. All the threads, posts, PM's, categories, members, profile info etc came across with no trouble.

                        Go for it... you know you want to...


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                          The importers are usually tested by Jerry to some obscene level, usually somewhere in the million of posts region.
                          Scott MacVicar

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                            Originally posted by TheMusicMan
                            Go for it... you know you want to...
                            That was the last temptation. I'm buying it tonight


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                              Originally posted by eam
                              That was the last temptation. I'm buying it tonight
                              Hehe... glad to read it...

                              Hey vB Mgt: any commission for me then... heheheheheheheh


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