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is bug tracker part of 3.0.3?

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  • is bug tracker part of 3.0.3?

    We are a product development comany and are looking forward to purchase vBulletin in next 24 hours.

    We have few questions and calrifications before we can make a decision:

    1. Is bug tracker part of the features in vb? If yes, can selected bugs be made private by the administrator for the team and the person who reported the bug?
    2. Can certain area of the forum can be made available to only select members, for instance, members who have support key available in their profile?
    3. Can (a) some topics of the forum (b) some threads be made to appear only to the author of the thread besides administrators and mod and not general registered public?
    4. Is it possible to show average time take to respond to threads, like you show on your site?
    Average response time(last 30 support issues)
    [b]0 hr : 19 min[/b]
    5. Are there plenty of styles/skins/templates available for vB like it is in PHPBB?

    Looking forward for a reponse in 19 mins!

    Thanks in advance.

    Shalin Jain
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    1. Bug Tracker isn't part of vb 3.0.3, however, there is a hack available at that is called "vb-Bugs" that will probably do what you are looking for.
    2. Believe so, you just would have to add the code that would do validation checks against your database.
    3. Yes.
    4. Probably so too, just would have to add code to do the math thingy dealie.
    5. is the sister site of for what you're asking.

    Some of my answers may be very basic. But the support peeps would probably give more info.



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      For the bug tracker, it is not currently avaible at this time, but it will be made avabile sometime in the future.


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        Originally posted by Zachery
        For the bug tracker, it is not currently avaible at this time, but it will be made avabile sometime in the future.
        When would this be made available? Any dates available? We would otherwise have to use Mantis to do the job, but I would really prefer a bug tracker which is well integrated with the forum so that people don't have to register twice. Like said by HoC, is there a HACK available for immd use? Also, another question, what is the usual upgrade policy at vB?


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          Thanks Hoc!


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            I cannot give any date, as i personaly don't know.


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              Installed the Bug tracker found here .. works well .. very useful.


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                When you buy an owned liscence, you have access to download the latest versions of vbulletin for a period of one year. After that, it cost $30 to renew your access for another 1 year period. You can let it lapse in between but if your a company that probably isnt such a great idea.

                As for question # 2, vb works off of usergroups ands its very simple to add a new usergroup which can have visibility into certain forums other groups cannot.
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