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vbulletin reputation / domainance help?

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  • nirvanilla
    i ran a board for a year that was on phpbb, and i can tell you that phpbb is NOT close to VB in terms of features (or anything else). VB has a lot more. and tho i had a grea forum with plenty of regular usuers, when is switched to VB, even the regulars started posting more-i noticed it and other members noticed it as well. and i got more signups believe its because VB is just generally more pleasing in every aspect-more pleasant to theh eyes, easier to use, more fun to use-the whole 9 yards. you can tell the ppl who made it really care about it and that it should work well.

    like i said in another thread a bit ago, if you're serious about your board, get a VB.

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  • Wayne Luke
    Well you are paying for more than a name with vBulletin. First phpBB only has about half the features that vBulletin currently does. They are adding a lot of new features to newer versions that will be close to vBulletin but we will add features as well.

    The main thing you are paying for with vBulletin is Support. We offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our average response time is 36 minutes for official support tickets and you can usually get help in the forums within minutes. Our support staff is paid to be here to help you. And the level of support goes beyond simply answering the tickets or questions. We will work with you to resolve your problems and get your forums back up and running. We will work with you to optimize your site so your forums work at peak efficiency. Support at phpBB is voluntary and therefore not guaranteed.

    To answer your original question though, yes the vBulletin name attracts people. We have been given testimonial and anecdotal evidence that by switching to vBulletin from a free software package that our customers were able to increase their traffic, registrations and build their sites faster.

    Our software is designed to work with Search Engine Spiders and Adsense. Many of our customers do use Adsense as a revenue source already.

    You can provide syndication for your front page in Javascript, XML and RSS feeds that are provided with vBulletin. There are also other syndication methods available at

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  • dcallan
    started a topic vbulletin reputation / domainance help?

    vbulletin reputation / domainance help?

    Hi folks,
    Today when I was surfing I came across an argument for phpbb versus VB. People where saying that because phpbb does come very close in features (apparently!!!) to vb that the $85/$160 fee was not justified. Others where saying that actaully the vb fee is the fee for the vbulletin reputation and almost brand as a whole. Almost like wearing the best designers clothes / runners / sunglasses (as people are more inclinded to take to you and want to get to know you, right?)

    I may be mistaken but vb is the dominate board on the web right, most people have used it more than others so they are familiar with it. So my question is does the reputation / brand of vb help a forums growth, I mean are people more willing to join and particapate in a vb forum (assuming their interested in the boards topic of course) rather than say ikonboard (which i what I'm on at the moment). I'd really like to here from vb users (and others too though of course) which used to run other boards, did more people sign up after the switch? stuff like that you know.

    I like this board, I have some spare time from the start of sept I am considering swithing to vb (the free time will allow me to customize) so I would like people's thought on this. Also is adsense and search engines in general totally fine on vb boards. It does not use session ID's does it? One more final question, does vb allow me to export say the latest posts / threads to ssi for inclusion on my normal webpages?

    I want my community to be a success to do so I feel I need the best in terms of community software (I'll gladly pay for quality if quality is what I get) so if people can answer these questions for me I'd be very very grateful. Thanks very much for your help.
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