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Deciding if vBulletin is right for me

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  • Deciding if vBulletin is right for me


    I plan to start building a website soon. It is going to be a gaming clan for Phantasy Star Online But I wont get into that.

    I've been looking around for forum solutions for quite some time. The obvious one is phpBB, because it is free.

    I also looked into different pay forum solutions, such as Invision Power Board, or uBB.

    However, I have yet to make my decision, and just because some are free doesnt mean I'm perswayd just yet.

    I ran the admin demo, and looked around these forums, and vBulletin seems to be the most stable and feature-filled forum solution of them all. However, I would like to hear responses from acual users on their experience with vBulletin before I make my final decision.

    Thank you for your time, I greatly appriciate it.

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    Are there any particular things you want to know about vBulletin?

    You can goto and click on statistics to see how many prefer vBulletin over the competition.

    And if it helps, sony pictures, nokia, unicef, valve and many other known companies are using vBulletin to power their online community.


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      Welcome to the boards link (glad to see another zelda and pso fan )

      I personaly believe that vBulletin is one of the best forums out there, not only because of the level of coding that is behind it, but the support and the community that exsists around our product.

      2 years ago i was in your situtaion and i choose vB, I have never regreted it to this day


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        I like the quick responses!

        I'd like to know about
        --Speed of the forum
        --Customizing Ability (Mods?)



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          Speed / performance
          Version 3 of vBulletin is capable of running more then a good amount of simultanious connections without increasing the server load instantly. Which I experience with other software sometimes. They could handle 1000 online users, but I doubt all 1000 could read the same thread for example. You could goto for example and browse their forums, the are really big, have a lot of online users constantly and perform great.

          There are too many to mention. But I know each feature is stable and properly integrated and works perfectly in the same manner as other features and therefor much easier to work with (to customize them). They are complete as they come and are always looked at for performance updates or option improvements to get the most out of it. I don't know more then 5 features that can't be turned off for example. (Hm, what I wanted to explain is a bit hard in english, but I hope you understand what I mean). We are feature-rich, and everything can be turned off and is build on permissions.

          You can modify everything from layout, colors, templates through the style manager. You don't need to upload anything to the server when you modify a style. There are enough template modifications released to show you how you can tweak the forum to your liking. And has a lot of source code changes that help you expand your forum.

          Browsing around here and trying the admin demo and asking questions hopefully gives you a good impression.

          And besides all that, you get free professional support by trained (hired) staff members through the forums and the support ticket system 24/7. And additionally we have a paid service for telephone (technical) support. (optional)

          And our software is written by professionals who do this for a living, working together as a team, unified to get the best result and constantly improving the software - reply within reasonable time to security issues found which are free for download and are open for customer feedback and suggestions, complaints and personal questions.

          For example, you could check up on developers and staff members (on a more personal level) by reading some of the interviews on my web site.


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            Another Question:

            Is there a way you can make it so Admins automatically post in a special font/color? Someone asked me, and I was wondering this as well.


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              It is possible. It'd only take a template edit to the postbit/pobit_legacy template(s). Pretty simple to do with template conditionals.


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                I started using vb2 a few years back since it was by far, the best out there and I just bought two more liscences in the last 6 months for sites that I plan to build around (yes around) the forum using a vbulletin back end.

                Vbulletin will spoil you ... you'll work with other software that doesnt have the sophistication of the templates and styles and you'll just cry out WHY!!
                Plan, Do, Check, Act!


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                  vBulletin is defently what I'm going to go with if I can afford it. I'm only 15 and I dont have a job, so $160 will be a hell of a purchase. However, it seems greatly worth it.

                  Thank you for the responses.

                  EDIT: I was using the admin demo to see how i'd make that template change...I really need to learn PHP, lol
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                    I run 2 boards, 1 vbulletin and 1 phpBB.
                    phpBB is good (mainly because it's free), vbulletin is great
                    The admin panels aren't even comparable, the vbulletin's one is intuitive, the phpBB's one unusable, to say the least ...
                    Let's talk about customization.. For the "write in another color for admins", you'll just have to had
                    <if condition="$bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==6">
                    INSERT FONT CODE HERE
                    In a template.
                    Syntax errors in my post ? Well, I'm a french-speaking Swiss user..


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                      I thought it'd use the ifcondition= command, but I wasnt sure what to put there.


                      I've used phpBB in the past and although its good, vBulletin just looks so much better in so many ways


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                        I was in your situation a few weeks ago. Get vBulletin. For me it is more powerfil and sophistocated, and it is true that many companys use vB for their communitys. I'm sure they do it to impress their customer. vB is simply the best out there, and the support here is really good, everyone is very nice and helpful.


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                          i ran a forum on phpbb for more than a year, and i was hacked (as in maliciously), twice. the second time it happened, the same day, i said to heck with it and bought a VB license and i havent regretted it once. yes its a bit of money, but its WORTH it. not only is it more secure, like ppl above have said, its really easy to customize to your liking. also the support is awesome, ive never waited more than a day for a response in this forum, and usually it just takes one to two hours. theres just all kinds of features to play with that dont even exist in phpbb-like the phrase manager. any phrase or text at all, in the whole board, you can edit to your liking thru the admin control panel-you dont have to find it in the code-they make it easy for you by letting you do it thru the acp. i like the permissions system too.

                          if you can get together the money, i'd totally recommend VB. i could have got together the money a year ago but i didnt, i used phpbb because it was free-and in the end i ended up getting VB and kicking myself for not just using it from day one. if you actually care about the forum youre going to make and its not just a lark, get VB.


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