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Big board migration, hacks, licensing, etc.

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  • Big board migration, hacks, licensing, etc.


    I currently have a YaBBSE board with ~8,000 users, 10,000+ posts, and over 140,000 messages - can I migrate this to vB? I have tried migrations before that HATE a database this large - migrating usually kills the server - will I have these troubles with vB? Also, I know YaBBSE uses their own encryption method for passwords, will vB also migrate passwords? I have read the other posts here that say "yes" and "probably", but I need an answer from someone who really knows - sorry, I need to be sure before I make this choice.

    Next, can I hack vB? My sites are wrapped up in my forums. They are the content. If I cannot change vB and build apps around it, it will be useless to me. Is there somewhere I can download the license agreement?

    Lastly, I currently run two forums that share a single user database - and They're really two aspects of a single topic. Members freely use both sites - can I do this with vB? Will it require one or two licenses?

    Thank you - vB seems like a solid product and recently you've built a community behind it - congrats!

    Edited to add:
    Also!!! Very important, because my forums sometimes have mature content, it feels uncomfortable to access the site from a public computer. My users have requested access from a innocent looking domain. This would be an EXACT copy of the forum, just with a different template on a different domain name. Would that require another licence?
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    There is an importer for Yabb SE. See all details about what it will import at From the details there - yes, passwords are imported.

    vB is visible source, you can make all modifications you want. Be aware that if you do make modifications, you may void support for those modified installations (the staff will attempt to help you anyways, but they're not required to).

    License agreement can be found at .

    That would require two licenses. You can get vb to work like that, but it won't come out of the box capable of doing two forums one userbase thing (although I doubt yabbse does this out of the box either).
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      Thank you.

      As far as the importer is concerned, I have seen that message before, but I've also seen messages like Convert YABBSE 1.5.4 to vBulletin?, Yabbse conversion: all passwords invalid(see functionality losses with conversion to see how he got the old "oh yeah the converter works fine" before purchasing), and Yabbse conversion: all "" are now &quote. I was hoping someone else had made the move or has experience with the importer first hand. Have the issues in those posts been addressed?

      Again, thank you for the info.


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        Those threads, do they have message replies which indicate those issues are resolved? And they prior to our impex system - I'm sure known bugs are fixed in the latest version.


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          If they are not fixed and I cannot migrate properly, will Jelsoft refund me?


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            Is there someone who can answer this question or do Jelsoft employees not know?


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              Refunds are generaly not given, but they are delt with on case by case baisis.

              We will do our best to make sure your import goes as well as possible.


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