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2 Questions: Site address and access

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  • dstruct2k
    NON-simutaniously --- Yes. Emphasis on non.

    Text only linear --- Archives. (

    The audio option is a good idea... I should code that as a hack.

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  • media guy
    started a topic 2 Questions: Site address and access

    2 Questions: Site address and access

    A couple of quick questions for you mainly around accessability.

    I like the idea of having to type in the letters at the registration stage to stop automation but this isn't accessible in the slightest. Is there an audio option on the way like most sites have done?

    Also do you know how accessible the board is generally? I know are tables left right and centre but can a forum be viewed in a text only linear way?

    My other question is if I buy a single licence can I have it on lots of different addresses non-simultaniously? i.e. and then move it to and then

    Graham (who hates WYSIWYG editors so will turn it off in a moment)

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