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Medium Sized phpBB 2.0.3 to vB

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  • Medium Sized phpBB 2.0.3 to vB

    I know you guys have the scripts to do conversions from phpBB 2.0.3 on vBulletin, just a couple questions.

    First, I have a medium sized database for a fairly active forum site ( My concern is the time it would take to move the system over using the scripts. The raw database size is 186.04 MB, but the backup file itself is over 300 MB. Recently, we had to perform a backup on the database, and doing it took over an hour (and the server is a four 2-Ghz processor server with 2G of RAM). So obviously, I want to be able to make the switch without having any major problems. Has vBulletin experienced doing switches of other databases of the same size from phpBB to vB? How did that go? What, if any, were the problems?

    Having a fairly active community, the move to vB is daunting. I want to provide my users with a nice forum, and since the forums are growing, I want something that can handle the increased pressures. Now, I know that both phpBB and vB are used on big sites, and can handle large loads (large loads = several thousands users logged in at once). My main concerns is just the migration, and what people have experienced when dealing with the migration. We have already had to deal with downtime about a month ago due to a corrupted database (not phpBB's fault), so additional downtime is not desired.

    P.S. I guess I am just looking for assurance that migrating to vB is not going to cause people to die, nuclear fallout, and swarms of locusts to invade my home. =)

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    How many threads, users, posts does the phpBB 2 board have?


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      Number of posts: 110092
      Number of threads: 21499
      Number of users: 11319

      Not a large forum, but a simple medium sized one. That's all.


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        200 mb sized backups shouldn't take an hour.
        But if the database is about 200mb for those statistics, it shouldn't take too long for an import. I will poke Jerry and see what he has to say


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          The phpBB importer is probably the best one we have at the moment, you can look in my signature for the status of importers and what they import and don't etc.
          I wrote ImpEx.

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