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  • Thinking about it!

    I think im ready to buy my lisence, but I have some questions first..

    #1. What size hosting plan would I need? Which one on This page would I want for a board, or do you recomend a better host?

    #2. Would I be able to get vB 2.3.9 or any of the 2's? Would I have to get 3.0.1?

    #3.Where can I download the set of images?

    Thats it! Thanks!

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    Hi there,

    #1 - Depending on your active community, you can go from shared hosting with php/mysql support to a dedicated server.

    #2 - You can get 2.3.5 and 3.0.1 from the member area - and you have 12 months for free to download additional released. My personal advice is version 3.0.1

    #3 - The images are included in the .zip file.


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      Thanks, I already know i dont want 3.0.1.... I have done research, and I dont exactly like the layout, or the newness of it... Though it is new, there are not many hacks and i preferr version 2.3.X....
      Also, so you think the first server is good on that page?


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        There are tons of hacks for vB3 its much more robust and is just better overall.

        However 2.3.5 will probaly do what youd like it to, your best off asking questions about hosting in our hosting area or at


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          Essential vBulletin Requirements
          PHP 4.3.3 Pass
          MySQL 4.0.18-standard Pass
          PCRE Pass
          magic_quotes_sybase Pass
          XML Pass

          MySQL Permission Requirements
          create Pass
          alter Pass
          insert Pass
          update Pass
          select Pass
          delete Pass
          drop Pass

          Recommended Settings
          open_basedir Pass
          safe_mode Pass
          GZIP Pass
          magic_quotes_runtime Pass
          magic_quotes_gpc Fail
          GD 2.x Pass
          Overall Result: Pass

          Is that good enough results for a vB, and the one thing i DID fail, how do i fix?


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            If this is the vB test from the zip its ment to test for vB3 but not 2, you should be able to run vBulletin 2 just fine.


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              ok, good! Thats great! Thanks!


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                You can ignore the 'fail' on magic_quotes_gpc. vB3 will run just fine.
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