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VBulletin over phpBB?

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  • VBulletin over phpBB?

    Hey Guys,

    I was wondering what are the main advantages of getting Vbulletin over phpBB? I don't really mind paying a bit more for vbulletin if it is really worth it just that right now I can't see why I should.


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    before everybody starts pointing to features:

    create an admin demo account here: and find out for yourself. Dont get me wrong but then you can see with your own eye's that vbulletin just has much & much more options & features then phpbb.

    vbulletin just blows away phpbb. 99% of the style is costumizable trough the template system, paid subscription system etc, multiple attachements through posts, private messages. to much to count
    Originally Posted by Zachery
    John originally presented vBulletin to Infopop, they didn't take it, so he took it and sold it

    Originally Posted by Martin
    We had to do a lot of arm twisting to get him to do it, though. I would imagine he still hates us.


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      Support is something thats more important.

      vBulletin support ranges from our community based support which you can see here but also includes the support ticket system where you get 1 to 1 help from a support technician or even a developer if needed.

      phpBB is not obliged to provide support since its purely community based support.
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        Let me just say this...for a year, I was a user of phpbb, then I decided to buy me, there is no contest, at all. vB wipes phpbb away, in EVERY aspect, period.
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          Ok guys thanks for your answers, I think I will go out and purchase vB.

          Another question I have. Does vB have the possibility to have say a list of the 10 latest threads in a forum so that I can put that on the frontpage of the site to lead more traffic towards the forums?



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            Yes. There are several options for displaying information from the forums externally via external.php.
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              ... and all done without any hacks/mods or unhelpful support as well...


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                Just a late comment for anyone reading this thread: I run phpnuke/phpBB on my second domain, and would say without hesitation vBulletin 2 blows it away, never mind vb3.


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                  phpBB is a very good product, however, once going to vBulletin, you never seem to find yourself asking if there is something better. You don't feel like you are lacking anything. vBulletin IS the best board out there right now. As someone already stated, it does pretty much everything you need without hacking. And if you choose to hack, their is a great site to support it ( I don't think you find too many people that have switched to vBulletin and been unhappy about it. I would and have recommended it to everyone I know that is looking for forums software.


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                    ... it beats me why there is a vB>phpBB migration script... who on earth would do that!


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                      Originally posted by TheMusicMan
                      ... it beats me why there is a vB>phpBB migration script... who on earth would do that!

                      click here to see how crizappy they are XD.
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                        Certain moderation tools with vBulletin need a little work (Inline moderation and detailed IP information when clicking the IP link) as well as the marking system for forums but everything (when I say everything, think of at least 10 times the features phpBB has and much better scalability) else blows phpBB away.


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                          Yes, phpBB is in the top 10, but vBulletin is listed more then 50% in the top 750. That kind of makes a difference.


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                            Thing is though Floris... phpBB forum application might be in the top 10 on Big-Boards - but I believe it is only a heavily modded version that can cope with those numbers. I agree that phpBB2 is a very good product but the downfall of it is most certainly in the attitude of the Mod and Support teams. It only takes a few to spoil it for the rest - and it's certainly that that did it for me. Personally, though it (the app) has served me well for 18 months, I can't wait to get away from phpBB.

                            Now just need my custom skin to be completed and I'm off... can't wait.


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                              I know that vBulletin 3 is a good way better than phpBB, but I've never even consider getting one because it is so extremely expensive. Then it's better with a board that is not as good, but free. And phpBB2.2 is looking to be at least as good as vB 2.3.


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