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How can I install fonts of my own choice ?

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  • How can I install fonts of my own choice ?


    I am pretty much interested in purchasing wonderfull vBulletin...

    I have a question:

    Can I install new fonts of my own choice in the dropdown menu while posting new threads... or for that matter any other font not listed in that dropdown menu like wingding etc.? Could not locate it in admin demo.

    Thanx in advance...

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    The fonts that appear in the drop down box are a compile from what is added through the admin control panel style settings, but .. they are only showing up IF the user who reads the post, actually has that font installed on their computer.

    So if you add a unknown custom font, they will most likely see it as times new roman instead.

    This goes for all internet web sites / site builders or internet software.

    But, you CAN change the list in the style, and you can offer the font on your site to your members, like through an attachment, after which they can download it and install it to get the desired effect.


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      You said I can not install fonts of my own choice... What's that suppose to mean ? I have already installed some my regional fonts on my PC but they do not show up in drop doen list when I tried to post a reply to this message in your forum ????

      Installing a font of my regional language would increase my forums accessability value...

      How CAN I change the dropdown list in the admin control panel through style menu... Could you be a little more specific.

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        There is a way to do it,
        but im not sure how
        you need to add CSS and a program to make the font a special file
        and use CSS it call it to the page...
        iv seen it on a site befor.
        Ill have to look up on this.


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          You could add custom fonts but you would have to embed them. This involves using a utility to create a static font file that gets downloaded to the persons PC each time they view your site...this way they see the site the way you intended for it to be seen.

          It's usually recommended against though because it makes page load times much longer (the font file has to be downloaded for starters). Most typographers don't like their fonts to be used either...even though most of the utilities have methods that don't allow the font file to be used anywhere other than you site. For instance, you couldn't go into your internet cache, grab the file and the install it on your system because it's not that kind of format.

          Another problem with it is that there's no longer any one utility that works with all browsers. Bitstream's WebFont Maker has been discontinued. Microsoft's WEFT tool is pretty cool, but it only works with IE (out of all the embedding tools I looked at before, it was the only free one...and remains free now).

          Again, it's not something that most web developers will recommend that you do...mainly because of the extra page load times and the limited support for it (i.e. MS WEFT hasn't been updated since early 2002).


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            When I reply to a thread... the font drop down box gives me a list of all fonts loaded on my pc - but as others have said, if I use a font that someone doesn't have installed, they will see Times New Roman instead.

            If your looking to use a certain font on your site.. try making the works in .jpg images and using that instead but that will only work for the stuff that doesnt change often.
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              The forum admin configures what fonts he/she wants available to the users. Then when you reply those fonts show up in the list if you have them installed. I have nearly 500 fonts installed on my work system but I only get about 20-25 fonts in the WYSIWYG editor drop down on this forum.

              In this particular case I'm not even sure that embedding the font with CSS would work because then it's not actually 'installed' on the persons least not in a way that it can be used.


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