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Email, Usergroups, and paypal questions

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  • Email, Usergroups, and paypal questions

    My group is set to purchase vB and we have just a few questions we're looking to figure out before we proceed.

    1) Can I assign a user to a group and then send mass emails to that group? (For example, a member of our organization may not ever even access the vB site, but I could hook them up and send them emails)

    2) Can user profiles be aggregated? Can I, for example, send an email to all users with a particular hobby?

    3) How can we link profile information with our current membership information? One could assume that a member's profile would have the most current information for that member. How could we use this to drive changes in our mailing lists, rosters, etc.?

    4) How can I keep restrict access to our forums to our active membership?

    5) Can someone explain the Paid Subscriptions (PayPal, WorldPay, NOCHEX and feature? We'd like for members to be able to pay annual dues, meeting fees, etc. online via PayPal or another similar source.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. You can send a mass email to all members via the primary usergroup, but not secondary ones.

    2. Same as #1

    3. Not sure I understand this quetion. vB has it's own member profile and you can add custom profile fields to it.

    4. Yes.

    5. Basically you can set up paid subscriptions that add user to another usergroup with more permissions.
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      Originally posted by Steve Machol
      1. You can send a mass email to all members via the primary usergroup, but not secondary ones.
      can you clarify this?
      I need to have
      1) public group - all registrations go there by default
      2) Subscriber Group - access to private forums level 1
      3) Premium Subscriber Group - access to private forums level 1 and 2

      I need to be able to email to all this groups together and to each group separately, is it possible?

      Second Q.

      It is essential for me to have HOMEPAGE a required field that must be entered upon/during the registration, like at
      How difficult is to do that?

      Third Q.

      Will the $60 support option cover walkthrough the Homepage modification and 1 or 2 more or it is just to help installing the board?

      thank you


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        Steve, thanks for the answers. I'm looking forward to hearing answers to Ilia's questions too! (I hadn't even heard of a $60 support option--where can I find details about that?)

        About #3, I'm wondering if there's a way to know when a member changes her mailing address, and if so, what I can do with this information. I'm sure I could use the entire SQL db to refresh my outside member database every now and then, but I'm looking to be aware of changes and automatically use that information outside of vB. Possible?


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          bumping it a little

          sorry but i need to make decision on purchase preferably today, should the absence of answer to my Q be taken as a No (not possible)?


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            this is cool


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              To: Ilia

              1) Completely Possible. As long as those usergroups are their primary usergroups.

              2) Should not be too hard, if you need help, post over at

              3) The phone support option is for unhacked board support only, if you need help with hacks, visit


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                  Subscriptions how they work

                  I made an option for a subscription but I want it to work like this can anyone let me know if that is the way it works?

                  you register to my forum then you can browse and read all the different post but when you want to post it won't let you because your group (registered) is limited to just browse. But if you subscribe to a package you can then have access to post. is that a way that it can work?

                  if so what do I need to make sure that it works correctly?

                  I tried testing it out with a test subscription and when I try to post it won't let me it says that I don't have access to post, but I subscribed and paid paypal and the works but I still can't post anyone help please?


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