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Import Q before I buyt my 2nd copy of VB3

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  • Import Q before I buyt my 2nd copy of VB3

    I have already converted one of my sites to VB3 and am very happy with it. I badly need to convert another of my sites from Yabbse 1.54 to VB3 (yes I know I will need another licence).

    I need to get this done asap (like yesterday) and I have read the various threads suggesting I install vb2 and then import and then upgrade - EEEEEK

    Sounds like a lot of work and a load of potential hassle and my users will go ape if the old forum is down for too long.

    Ok Ok - I am getting to the point. Will there be a Yabbse to VB3 importer very soon ? if yes - how soon is soon ?


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    I don't believe we can give a date on this importer yet.

    More details here:

    If you want this done now then I do suggest going to version 2 first.

    All you need to do is install version 2, run the import and then upgrade to version 3. No need to first setup the version 2 100%, it is just the data being converted that is important. (I guess).


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      FYI, there is currently a YaBBSE import script for vB2. You could install vB2, import, then upgrade to vB3.
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        I have decided to do this the hard way and am just about to buy my second copy of VB3 so I can install Vb2 and upgrade. I just went and downloaded Vb2 and I can't see or find any install documentation for vb2 ?

        Am I blind ?


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          Is there a difference or difference in price from VB3 and VB2? Also when buying VB3 new will you just get VB3 or go up from VB2?


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            Chaos there is no difference in price,. you buy a license for vBulletin, and it gives you access to vBulletin 2.3.5 and 3.0.0 as they are both the latest stable releases that we offer, however you may only run one copy or the other.


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              Is there any reason to choose 2.3.5 over 3.0? Or is 3.0 just a newer better version?


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                Unless for some reason you host couldnt handle vB3. i wouldnt suggest going with vB2 if your just starting out, and if you host couldnt handle vB3 id suggest finding a new host.

                vB3 is much less server intensive than vB2 and its feature list its about 3-4 times longer


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