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Need Information to convince employer to get VB over PHPBB or IPB

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  • Need Information to convince employer to get VB over PHPBB or IPB

    I know VB rocks, you know VB rocks... its getting my boss to understand this that's the issue. I honestly think VB has the best set of features and functionality of any board. Perhaps I'm biased due to being more used to VB ways, but I honestly can't even stand to use another board systems. If it was me I'd use VB on principal alone. I love the system, I know it well, and I would enjoy working with it. However its NOT my money and so I do need to give a benefit of a doubt to the other systems. Which is why I'm doing this research.
    I'm looking for -=detailed=- reasons why VB should be chosen over free boards like IPB and PHPBB. (From my understanding IPB is free if you don't register, and get no support).

    I did try searching on the board for past posts on this subject but all I find is 'vb is great' 'vb has better features' 'vb just has MORE'. I'm honestly looking for something that outlines in detail has it has over the other forum systems.

    Also I've heard of speed/resource issues with vb3 gold over ipb. This was on pro-ipb sites so I wasn't sure what to make of it. Can anyone address this concern here as well? This is a rather large client and is bound to get a huge community. Since the website itself is going to be huge, knowing the resources the forum itself is going to take is an issue.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Service is key here. I'm not sure about support over at IPB, but quite a few people have left because of poor service and technical support from what I've read here. Not sure if it is true.

    As for phpBB, there is hardly any support since it is a free system, and people contribute to it on a can-do basis.

    If your site ever goes down, file a priority support ticket. Average response time is 40 Minutes, at last check.

    On a final note, vBulletin also boasts a huge dependability. If you expect your forum to get huge (meaning millions/billions of users/posts/threads) vBulletin has a reputitation to withstand a 1000+ people online, millions of threads, and billions of posts. I would look at this thread:
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      If you plan to customize the appearance of your forum, then vB is the obvious answer. It will take you a lot longer to customize phpBB or IPB, which works out to billable hours and/or time you could be doing other things and/or frustration on your part.

      Is there any need for your forum to support other languages?


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        Thank you both for your responses, they have been very helpful. Support can be an important issue, and its one thing I know very little about IPB or PHPBB. Although in the time I've been using VB I've never had to use support so even then, I only know about the VB support (which is great) because of posts on the board itself.

        As for skinning, I believe we aren't going to be very in-depth with the skin. Most likely we will grab the homepage design and slap it around the forum and (header and footer changes only with VB templtes) change the CSS to better match the forum. I personally haven't done much with the template system in either vb2 or vb3, but the changes I DID have to make were very very easy. is AMAZING, which is one thing that really blows the rest out of the water. I can add many new additions and functionality to the board with some very easy to understand step-by-step instructions set up over there. *waves a VB flag* Hurrah.

        Again, I really love VB. Its just being about to outline why its overall BETTER I'm working on. Likely we won't need any support, no real skinning and I don't believe they want anything new that's not already in all basic board systems, so probably no hacking either. So I need to rely on other aspects of VB.

        Its probably going to come down to resources, speed, admin features and overall functionality.


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          Allow me to be the neutral voice.

          First, lets stop lumping IPB with other free boards. It is no longer free.

          IPB does have a faster coding cycle than VB. I don't think anyone would argue that point. That includes minor revisions as well as major releases.

          Both current versions are CSS driven. Basic "skinning" is pretty trivial with both.

          VB is the only one with a WYSIWYG editor, which I believe is a far better user experience.

          Alot of the VB extras, like "reputation", aren't a big beal for a corporate board.

          IMHO, what places VB3 head and shoulders about the rest is:

          1. the new parent/child inheritence for styles. No more hacking each individual style
          2. The ability to have individual styles for subforums. You can give each product support forum a look unique to the individual product.
          3. By far, the template conditionals. This is the MARQUEE advantage over every other forum software.

          Make no mistake that IPB has been closing the gap at a rapid pace while VB3 took forever. At some point they may reach complete feature parity.

          Even then, one must consider the level of support for hacks/mods for each. is a very active community. That is one of those intangibles that is hard to measure.

          Right now, VB3 wins hands down. A year from now, I would have to re-evaluate. Hopefully, we'll see a vbCMS released that will tip the scales. And perhaps an "add-on" API to allow drop-in modules that will integrate with VB without any VB code changes.
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