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  • RichM
    It would just become full of thousands of threads saying; "help, i have a problem with my server!" to an extent where people would get fed up, meaning that they wouldn't bother to read it or reply.
    Though if they were going to do that, it would only be fair to add forums for the other operating systems as well. (Which would clutter up the board)

    Bare in mind that this board is mainly for vBulletin related subjects. There are other forums out there dedicated to servers/operating systems.
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  • Gordon Regar
    started a topic Suggestion - A Forum devote to....

    Suggestion - A Forum devote to....

    Suggestion - A Forum devoted strictly to where vBulletin runs on Windows 2000 Servers only. It is tough digging through all the threads and figuring out if they apply to Linux, Unix, or Windows servers.