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Sick and tired of those french ****s contacting me

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  • Sick and tired of those french ****s contacting me


    I am now officially pissed off.

    I have been contacted through vbulletin germany, vbulletin com vbulletin org vbulletin templates and even my own sites by those guys with the same stupid question, time after time.

    "nag nag, can I please translate your hacks, nag nag"

    After finding out myself that they had ripped the hacks and posted them uncredited on their site, and having to complain on their site to get them removed, they keep contacting me with their stupid questions.

    I have been telling NO NO NO from the start, and each time I have said it in a nice way, and I have been very clear on the matter too. And each time they reply 'you are very rude, let us translate it'.

    Today I received another one and I am god damn sick of it.

    They are not an official site and they are obviously just going through each template mod and source code hack, and contact list etc.

    To me, it is just SPAM and nothing else.

    They got a no, it will stay a no, and it won't turn into a yes at any point.

    Can someone from the vb team maybe ask them to stop bothering the vbulletin members with msgs with their url in it and stupid questions to which they already know the answer ?


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    how many have they acctually contacted? is the french vb community soo ****e they can't make there own hacks..


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      The reply from users here will probably be 'they ask you kindly, don't they?' - which has nothing to do with it. Receiving the same stupid email time after time is just like getting my free viagra and how i am better in bed when i have an extension. It is just spam, it is annoying and unwanted. How many of their staff and members need to contact me on those sites, through email/pm to get it to their head that i do not like them, i dont want their contact emails and that i dont agree on having anything ripped, posted, listed, or translated in any way what so bloody ever?


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        I agree with you, though I have only been contacted twice so far, but I don't want to be contacted by them in the future, cause I don't want my hacks to be released on other sites, than unless I release them on another site by myself ... and I'm not planning to do that atm.
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          Through PM @ (today)
          I'm a french vbulletin user, and I want to kown if you let me translate and diffuse your hacks in french in my forum :


          through PM @ (last week)
          Originally posted by [b
          ElyXiR[/b]] Hello from Vbulletin-france Team

          We pay much attention to the work which you carry has vbulletin, in particular as regards construction of hacks...

          Vbulletin-france is french vbulletin community
          in order to develop it we would wish to represent, and diffuse your work
          to make some profit the greatest number in the French-speaking countries...
          In order to be able to carry out these operations it is necessary that we obtained an authorization of your share.

          The authorization we us requested is for the follow hack :


          Name....: Read your members Private Messages
          Version.: 1.0
          Author..: floris
          Url.vb..: Here

          Of course , your work do not submit modification, except the language

          esperant that you will make the good decision in order to make profit French-speaking countries.

          We are looking to translate all your future hack, if you are ok please mark on reply: OK for all future translate

          The Team of Vbulletin-france

 (under development)


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            They've PMed me on a lot of times wanting to translate my hacks..I agree they are annoying.


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              Originally posted by N9ne
              They've PMed me on a lot of times wanting to translate my hacks..I agree they are annoying.
              Ditto, and each time I clearly and explicitly deny them to do it, considering that previously they just pirated all the hacks.
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                If they are PMing you, report them to the Admin of the board they are doing this on. Also remond them that their license was revoked once before because they did not respect the wishes and property of others. One 'No' is all you should have to give them.
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                  Originally posted by tgillespie
                  Damn french even use american domains. Don't they have some gay .fr or something?
                  Sorry for being off topic, but since when is it bad to use .com-domains? Even vB-germany uses a .com-domain. I can't find any illegal or bad mannered behaviour in using .com-domains.
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                    I got their PM as well. I just ignored it. At least they are asking for permission first, unlike past incidents when certain sites just pirate the hacks without consent.
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                      I've had them contact me a few times as well about some of my hacks.

                      First time I said yes for _ONE_ hack, said no to the others. I won't be surprised if they ripped all of my hacks after all, by now.

                      I really would like to see an option in for vB3 hacks (once we're at that point) that says: "I will allow french people (etc.) to translate my hacks and release them on Yes/No".
                      Then, if any hack is found there while it's listed in to NOT be allowed to be translated, I feel that action should be taken to

                      Their hacks become available to anyone in the world since they don't check for a license, as far as I can tell. So to me, that puts them in the same class as all those people with a warez'd vB asking for hacks. Esp. since they tend to be very annoying in their continuous whining.

                      "They're asking it kindly, now aren't they?"

                      Asking once is kindly. Accepting the answer is kindly. Asking fifty times or more, no matter how sugary-sweet-with-a-cherry-on-top they ask, is NOT kindly. :down:


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                        Originally posted by Erwin
                        I got their PM as well. I just ignored it. At least they are asking for permission first, unlike past incidents when certain sites just pirate the hacks without consent.

                        I get them all the time aswell, I ignore them to but it looks like they post it anyway if you ignore the message.


                        IMO something really needs to be done about this site, I dont like the idea of hacks and template modification ive posted on vBulletin resource sites getting posted on other sites for everyone and their grandma to download. Please do something about this site.
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                          Additionally, I gave them clearance for ONE hack (as stated) on the condition that I am very clearly credited in both the post as well as the hack zip and the new source files / adjustments.

                          That would mean that my name should be on their forum in SOME post somewhere. But searching for it doesn't give me a result, so EITHER they never posted my translated hack, or they never credited me...


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                            My French is quite crappy, but as far as I can tell from that thread, it states that "these people have given us permission to use and translate their hacks" - even though I said that they could only use & translate my ONE hack, not _all_ of them!

                            Anyone who speaks French willing to verify that first post's meaning for me?


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                              hey man you make em its up to you what you do with them, if you dont want the french guys to translate them they should respect that and move on........

                              i'm with you all the way.....


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