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    So now we got vB 2.0 I would like to ask again for a Laguage specific forum.

    I would like to have a main forum called :
    Laguage specific forum support

    and in this forum we find a lot of subforums like:
    • german
    • spanish
    • french
    • ...

    So the language specific user question could be discussed in this subforums.

    I will offer myself for the german Support forum

    Please think about it and make it possible for us non perfectly english speaking user...
    I don't care
    The Sisko

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    Yes, a german support forum would be great. It it much easier to answer questions in the own language.

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      Sounds good.

      So I offer myself for Czech one. I'm probably only one who speaks Czech on this forum so I would be forced to make two other accounts to get at least 10 posts per month. Nice schizophrenia anyway...

      Good idea, really. You got my vote.


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        A german forum would be great


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          Would make for a lot of translation especially since the developers are all english speaking Natives.

          Over time, I think it would detract from the community and make overall support more difficult as some people would only post in those forums whether other native language speakers would know the answers or not.
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            But would be better if someone becomes an answer then not, because he couldn't discribe his/her problem or question in english.
            I think it would be a great for those...
            The Sisko


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              I think it would be great to discuss about vB in our own language. Sure, if there are bugs or anything important, we still have to discuss that in english, but for the gerneral discussions, we could use the language specific forums.


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                Oh yeah!

                German control panel and german templates would be great!

                Please ad it.


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                  So I emailed to John an d James esterday I the hope they will haer me and make it possible for us not native english speaking people.

                  Please keep on Voting for the forums and post your comments here. Because with no response John and James maybe don't think there is a need for this.

                  So Leute,
                  ich hab noch mal ne mail an John und James geschickt, in der Hoffung das sie diesesmal auf mich hören werden. Wenn Ihr dies hier also lesen tut, dan voted bitte für die Sprachbezogenen Foren und schreibt was positives hier mit rein. Das wird sicher helfen.
                  Ebenfalls könntet Ihr als Nicht Englisch sprechende User auch eine Link zu diesem Beitrag in Eure Signatur übernehmen um den Beitrag weiterhin oben zu halten.

                  The Sisko


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                    Very good idea i think!
                    I have no Problems in reading and understanding the englich language, but writing is still a problem

                    But i'm wondering, why nearly just germans want such a specific subforum. Aren't other nations (except Czech) on this board?


                    Jau, den Vorschlag unterstütze ich doch sehr sehr gerne

                    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
                    - Thomas Jefferson


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                        Wollt nur mal Nachfragen ob du ne Antwort bekommen hast Sisko
                        The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
                        - Thomas Jefferson


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                          I think they said that they would decide about it when vB2 is done. Am I right ?


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                            JO, habe von James eine Antwort bekommen, das es ein deutsches Forum geben wird wenn eine deutsche VErsion erscheinen wird. Er sagte zwar nicht wann, aber sieht wohl so aus, als ob es bald sein würde....

                            Wir werden sehen!
                            The Sisko


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                              Hat er auch geschrieben, wer die deutsche Version erstellt ??
                              Würde mich mal wirklich interessieren


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