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Better Search Engine, and I can't post in the right forum

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  • Better Search Engine, and I can't post in the right forum

    Well, I'm just a long time end user, and had some suggestions for a better search engine. But since I'm not a vBulletin user, I couldn't post in the right forum for it, so its going here (annoying, because I tried to be proper first).

    Anyway, as a long time end user of vBulletin on many sites, the search engine has always been horrible on larger sites.


    Search String: "yellow and tang"

    Context: I'm looking for information on "yellow tangs"


    vBulletin searches for those words in the context of entire tread rather than the post itself. Or even to be able to quote strings to search for, which doesn't seem to work, plus it looses the ability to use a wild card. eg "yellow tang*" to match "yellow tang" and "yellow tangs"

    So a nice option will be an "near" operator. Or a check box for operators to operate on a post. rather than the entire thread.

    The above example does not bring up very relevant seraches, and on large sites, its a lot of information to weed through first.

    Some even better search implementations:

    Relevance rating system:

    Lets say someone does a search with the show post option checked, if they click on that post, odds are it is pretty relevant since they've seen part of the message already.

    So a point can be assigned and stored for that particular message/post/search.

    A user option to click the relevancy of what they found. Not weighted as much, because people are generally too lazy to do something like that.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Similar thoughts have come up in the past, but if memory serves Jelsoft has stated that they will at the very least wait until MySQL4 has stabilized, and then look into using its fulltext-ability.

    The examples you describe is essentially part or Oracle and it's context-sensitive search-mechanisms. Hopefully we'll see a future version of vBulletin be able to run with Oracle, which would help with these kinds of problems.
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