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Intentional Software Bug!!!!!!!!!

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  • Intentional Software Bug!!!!!!!!!

    I have a feeling that the recent bug found in vBB which forced the immediate apgrade to 2.6 was not just a innocent bug. In fact, I have very stron reasons to doubt it was innocent.

    About 3 months ago or so, when I purchased my license for my IslamExposed.Com site, I had emailed the team here through the regular contact form to ask them if I could send my programmer a copy of my software so his team can customize it to make it blend in with our matchmaker software.

    I told them that as soon as we launch our site I would be purchasing a license. They agreed, of course, and I thought nothing of it.

    I never placed a link nor made mention of MyMatchmaker.Com until very recently.

    This morning, when I woke up, I went to check on the software on the test site to see the progress. To my surprise, the forum was no lnger working. I asked the programmer if they changed anything on the forum side (which was already customized and working fine) and they said they had not touched it.

    So, as I was finishing my first cup of coffee, I decided to check my email. To my surprise, I had this email in my inbox:

    Database error in vBulletin :

    Invalid SQL: SELECT template FROM template WHERE title='options'
    mysql error: Table 'mymatchmaker_com.template' doesn't exist

    mysql error number: 1146

    Date: Tuesday 21st of May 2002 06:04:55 AM
    Script: /test/forum/
    So, it is not by chance that my forum's database and software is ****ed up. Not at all. Whoever ****ed up our database and software IS a JelSoft insider, and they have done it on purpose.

    What lame bunch!

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    I will never encourage anyone to purchase this software any more.
    In fact XMB is just about equal to vBulletin, and it is FREE!
    Had I known about it when I purchased this software, I would have never purchased this.

    Whoever ****ed up our forum destroyed weeks worth of work, and costed me 1000s of dollars.


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      Woha bud, calm down. Do a quick search on these forums for that mysql error. Did your host just update the php version? I know that will spit out this same error, and theres an annoucement on how to fix it.

      Im sure there will be replies from the moderators and vB team who can give you more info.


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        Originally posted by MyMatchmakerCom
        Whoever ****ed up our forum destroyed weeks worth of work, and costed me 1000s of dollars.
        A MySQL error does not mean any data has been lost. Its an error, and its fixable. If anything, this should be a reminder to backup your database daily.


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          Your site was submitted to our database of suspect sites. The employee checking it generated that error, they did not cause it. We do not have any way of removing anything from your database. Trust me, if we did, piracy wouldn't be nearly as much of a problem as it is right now.

          That email actually proves it was not someone from Jelsoft that messed up your database - if it was, the referrer would not be from our site but rather from your site.

          2.2.6 has not even been released yet. So if we *were* to introduce a "feature" that let us remove your database, you wouldn't be running the version that had it in it yet. So that also doesn't make sense.

          At any rate you are obviously free to believe what you wish, but I can tell you that no one from Jelsoft had anything to do with it and I think if you check your server logs you will find that to be accurate.

          If you have any further comments/questions please email [email protected] .


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