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  • I want into the dir

    I have a irritating little question about the vBulletin directory.
    Why can`t the boards with inactive licenses get into the directory? I own it and it`s up and running; I can understand it in a marketing way of thinking, but you know, I just wanted to complain

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    I don't follow.

    Are you saying when your license expired, you couldn't get into your vB directory?


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      I think he means the vBulletin Links page. I don't know the exact reasoning, but perhaps this is one of the added benefits of maintaining your license and helping to support the costs of vBulletin development and support.
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        You`re right Smachol, but I don`t usually pay for further development of a product I once bought.
        I just think getting into the links page and getting upgrades should be separated benefits, thus making it into the links page should be a benefit of owning a vBulletin.


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          Well, as the directory is maintained by Jelsoft, I guess what you want and what you get will always be two different things. Tho, I'm sure Jelsoft has registered your opinion.
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