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Why doesn't vbulletin alert me to that there are posts that require moderation?

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  • Why doesn't vbulletin alert me to that there are posts that require moderation?

    As Admin - Unless I stumble upon them, how would I know?

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    They are in both the Notifications Menu and the Admin CP. What are you expecting? A pop-up window or something?


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      I don't login to ACP much only as needed. Even if I do login to ACP, posts pending moderation are not clearly visible.

      There is no notification in the forum and posts pending moderation are not included in Recent Posts.

      I recall this as well:
      not sure if it was ever addressed.
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        vBulletin 5.6.1 converts the "Notifications" link into a drop down menu that will list the different types of notifications available. Including moderated posts. Provided that you're using vBulletin Messenger. This is mentioned in the Release Announcement for 5.6.1 Beta 1. I don't have screenshots because it is time consuming to setup.

        There is another feature request to allow moderators better control over notifications and emails related to moderated items instead of just blanket emails for every new post. That can be seen here:
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        • MDawg
          MDawg commented
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          5.6.1 does indeed notify of posts requiring Moderation.  Nice!

        • Carrfixr
          Carrfixr commented
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          Will the VBV-20102 roll out in 5.6.2? or 5.6.3

        • Wayne Luke
          Wayne Luke commented
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          Depends on when its development finishes. As far as I am aware, this is the last week of development for 5.6.2 before "Code Freeze". So if the feature isn't finished by Friday, it will be punted to 5.6.3.

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