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How to Connect VBulletin with WordPress

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  • How to Connect VBulletin with WordPress

    Hello Friends,

    Iam using WordPress for my movie review website. I want a forum for my visitors write their reviews via my website. Is there any option to connect WordPress and VBulletin?

    Thank You!

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    There is no built in supported means of doing this. This would require custom coding and/or 3rd part software we do not support. Sorry.


    • jdj
      jdj commented
      Editing a comment
      I mean this politely. I use vBulletin but I also have some wordpress sites. In order to install the wordpress sites I log into cpanel and use the softaculous web installer. Wordpress automatically installs from softaculous and updates are easy. I can also choose 13 forums to install from Softaculous. As a courtesy I'm not naming them here but none of them is vbulletin, which used to be the most popular forum software in the world. None of them is xenforo either. Just because these forum software packages are available in softaculous it does not automatically follow that there is a bridge from wordpress. But if there was and it was easy to install from cpanel I suspect that vbulletin would grow in popularity.

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    Hello Joe,

    Thank you for your information. Let me chek for any third party application available to connect WordPress with vbulletin forum


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