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  • Regarding vBulletin 5

    Not a customer, just a concerned user of a vBulletin 5 website.

    Regarding this:

    Why is # of threads per page adjustment not available on the user's end? It's a feature that has been around for over a decade that was suddenly pulled in vB5 for unexplained reasons.

    Seems like a step backwards into the wrong direction. There are people who want 10 topics, and people who want 50 topics.

    It would be a piece of cake for me to design and publish a Tampermonkey script to auto-retrieve these pages, but it seems a bit ridiculous and simply hurts the webmaster in the end due to the extra overhead (garbage data) I would be downloading and discarding for every page I dynamically inject.

    Please rethink this decision and put back the feature.

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    Users actually can set this in their settings, if allowed by the site admin. We don't provide end user support here. We provide support to site owners. Our answers are geared toward this goal.
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