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Good bye to VBB

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  • Good bye to VBB

    I started to use vbulletin about 12 years ago, since I was a student, When I doesn't have money to buy the license and had to use the null.

    After graduating, I continue to use vbb from version 3 and 4 with a paid license from vb, When vbb5 released, I once again paid for new license with so much happy, but many years since vbb5 released, I still have to use vbb4 be cause vbb module now not supported, developed by the word wide coder anymore. No chatbox, shoutbox, no Advanced statistic module, no and noooo....
    Most give up vbb to come to xenforo.
    I myself still love vbb alot, And waiting for years ....
    but so hopeless, now seem like a dead forums and lot of others same.
    I cant wait anymore, i dotn want, but i have to say good bye to vbb

    Now just a memory remain

    Heaven Knows from

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    Sorry you're leaving and good luck with your site.

    I do feel obliged to point out - Neither XenForo nor any of the major scripts come with a shoutbox or chatroom, they are only available as third party addons. vB5 does however have vB Messenger, it isn't a shoutbox but it adds messenger-like functionality.

    There is a third party shoutbox for vB5:
    And also advanced stats:

    There is also, of course, no need to upgrade to vB5 if vB4 is working well for you.

    TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.3 Demo
    AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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