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  • breaks on page load


    For quite some time I have been struggling to use this website because of broken pages on load (see attached). This occurs on my Mac Pro, with all available browsers.

    To overcome this I must refresh the page many times (dozens sometimes). This can be circumvented if I clear cookies associated with this website, but that logs me out. Logging in triggers the broken page issue.

    It seems like something in the head or header for your site is not coming through correctly, as the HTML displayed starts with a link to a style sheet.

    Please let me know if this is a client side issue, or if you need more information to trouble shoot this.

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    This seems to be an issue on your browser. Does the same issue occur on other browsers on the same computer?

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      Yes, all browsers.


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        Ok. You already mentioned that in the first post and I missed it. How about if you try other computer? It's just so weird that the page has no doctype, html and head tags. If this happens for all users then people would start complaining. I suspect there must be something on your system that's causing this.

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        • AlexTheRota
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          I've requested QA to test the link, and they report it loads for them... How deeply they explored it, or how hard they hit it is unclear. All I know for sure is on average 9/10 page loads on this website fail for me.

          So, what could it be about this Macbook Pro (Retina 15-inch, Mid 2015) running Yosemite (v 10.10.5 14F1509), with all browsers up to date, that causes this page to break frequently?

        • Glenn Vergara
          Glenn Vergara commented
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          Try other computer to rule out computer issue. Then if it still occurs on other computers, then it could be the internet connection you're using. Then try using other internet connection using your Mac and see what happens.

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        So on a different internet connection, I still experience the issue. Perhaps less frequently. But still while loading random pages on the forum. This does not happen, for example on or

        I think this is related to cookies. When I clear the cookies for your site via the URL "Page" icon, these forums load immediately. But, once I have the cookies, it loads as the attachment above.

        Additionally, others are not reproducing the issue. It does seem to be some how specific to this machine.
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        • Glenn Vergara
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          Have you tried rebooting your machine?

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        We will look into the issue. Currently, I am not able to recreate it. Have you tried using a different operating system? Do you have any ad blockers installed?
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          Hello Wayne,

          I do not have any other OS on this mac laptop (e.g. parallels or bootcamp or what ever). There are no ad-blocking extensions. I have postman, and a netbeans, but I have disabled them, and then reproduced the error.

          I can reproduce the error by clearing all cookies (via the page icon in the URL bar), then clearing the cache and reloading the page to get to a base line page load. Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.16.43 PM.png
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          I then load a page, such as which will load fine (with or with out me logged out). I then navigate by clicking links, generally traveling back through the breadcrumbs links. Usually when I hit "Home" it breaks, resulting in the screenshot on the original post above.

          I can then remove (via the 'page' icon in the URL bar) the vbj_sessionhash and reload the page reloads fine, with me still logged in.

          Could it be the case that something about my browser / computer situation corrupts the cookie some how?
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