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Merry Christmas and thankyou vbulletin staff

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  • Merry Christmas and thankyou vbulletin staff

    Hi All,

    Whether part of the alpha team, someone who has bought vb5, or someone who hasnt yet bought vb5 but keeping up with the day to day of vbulletin, I think most of us can agree that these guys come into work each morning and deal with some real pain in the backsides. It doesnt actually matter whether your an advocate of vbulletin like myself or someone who is completely negative about the software, each and every one of us at some point or another will have had some gripe with staff on here and given them grief over something. I know many do in the forum, however there are also gripes put forward by alpha testers, even by staff against other staff there has been and you can clearly see that in Jira. These guys do a hard job, and at the end of the day they come in to work each morning and put in their all.

    So with that I just want to wish all the staff a very Merry Christmas and happy new year. You guys deserve the rest and the peace and quiet from us lot. I look forward to reading the disagreements that come in the next year, putting you guys through your paces, and generally enjoying my time on the vbulletin forums.

    Kind Regards,
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