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I get error to send topic in vbulletin forum

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  • I get error to send topic in vbulletin forum

    The page is loading "working" and never redirects me to the topic, however if I check the forum on this topic as sent. also if I click several times to send the topic is sent repeatedly.

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      when there will be a stable version without problems? long time ago I'm hoping to use the script publicly.


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        Check the Javascript console for error. Press F12 to bring up the debugger tool.

        Can you post a link to your forum?

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          But this error is here in
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            It currently takes awhile. You can either continue browsing in a new tab or wait. A fix is forthcoming and the issue is due primarily to notifications. It is not related to Javascript.
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              Getting this error message when trying to open new thread .

              "There has been a database error, and the current page cannot be displayed. Site staff have been notified."

              so will try a reply

              I was trying to ask if PL3 is neccessary with forum only version of 4.2.2?


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