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    Th VB5 manual should come with a forum schematic of sorts.

    How useful for a novice such as myself to be able to look at a picture of a typical vb5 forum and subforum complete with muduals and have little arrows pointing to every single visual aspect of the typical forum and at the blunt end of the arrow would be the style vars for example.....this way a guy like me would know which sv applies to which part of the forum.
    You would then have several more pages for things like changing font, font size, weight,type, another for say changing an existing landing page for another existing page....(change landing pages)

    The proble for a guy like me is when people have tried to help me they give me one line "shop talk" which if I knew more might help but when you tell someone "just downlaod such and such file...and you dont have any idea where to find such and such see what I mean here?



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    We'll take it under advisement. We're still in the process of bringing the manual online and do plan on adding additional tutorials over time.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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