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  • Suggestion.

    Let non-customers post suggestions.

    I see it as a terrible move to limit the suggestions forum to only existing customers, as you miss out on the rather huge base of USERS who USE a registered legal bought board, who have vital feedback. I understand you have a huge problem with piracy, but don't cut short on people who could help you!

    I've also run into alot of other problems surfing these forums as a non-customer. Not being able to delete my own threads tho I can edit them etc.

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    No one except mods/admins can delete threads/posts here.


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      Originally posted by tubedogg
      No one except mods/admins can delete threads/posts here.
      Yeah, that's what I said. I can edit it so it contains no text, but I can't delete it. Surely this is not a good idea?


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        What you said made it sound like you thought licensed members could delete their own posts/threads which is not accurate.

        We prefer that threads/posts do not get deleted, as often users will delete them if they find the answer to their own question. This only serves to make the next user post instead of being able to find an answer by searching.


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          Ah well, I guess that's needed then.

          I still think anyone should be able to post feedback tho.

          Or is it ok if suggestions for development is posted here?


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            Originally posted by thetester
            I still think anyone should be able to post feedback tho.
            I don't understand. You are posting feedback in this forum.
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              Steve - he wants unlicensed users to be able to post in the suggestions & feedback forum.

              This is a decision that would have to come from either John or James (the people in charge), so it's up to them really. But I'm not confident it will change, as then we'll probably get pirates posting in there all the time asking why vBulletin isn't free, like we had before we set it to no posting there


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                If you feel that you have something to contribute there, please do feel free to email me and I will set you up with access. We do make exceptions for the rule, but prefer to do them manually, so as to guage interest.

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