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  • Prune topics VB5

    I seem to have lost the ability to prune topics on VB5.. I see i can prune users which is a nice bonus. but I need to prune posts as to save members posts counts. We use post counts for activate of members to be promoted.

    Am I missing something or is VB5 missing this.

    Kind Regards

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    Unfortunately this was removed. We're trying to get the functionality restored. Someone had thought that inline moderation would be enough to handle this but it clearly isn't unless you have less than a couple hundred posts.

    The JIRA is here:

    What we need is customer votes on it to escalate the issue. Support voice only goes so far and things we consider critical aren't considered critical by others.
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      thank you for the reply just voted.. we have 1000s of posts

      with the old mass pruning the whole web site took 3 mins to sort out.. now I wouldnt even entertain how long it would take as i would rather go back to VB 4 then do in line moding


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