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  • red error box

    I had just written a PM to someone and clicked the Send button when it threw up a big red box at the bottom that said something like Message Error, did not get time to read the rest?.
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    since we have updated we are limited to only 500 stored messages even though our permissions are set to what they was before with VB4.. some how our settings are overwritten to a default of 500.

    I had to delete thousand of messages in my inbox/sentbox and saved..

    after that I was allowed to send messages.

    Please note if I send a message to a member who has his messages over 500 even as the site admin I can not send a message to him.


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      Hi! I had a red box too, but it disappeared itself. I mean that some time latter when I sent a message, it didn't show up. So, I don't know what happened but now everything is just fine.


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