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    C'mon boys and girls, where is it?

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    I think you know that this is part of many suggestions (a general to top button, a to top button in the navbar etc.), so we might have one in vB5 soon. Meanwhile, you can either use the home key on your keyboard or install the workaround that Glenn Vergara provided.
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      Press your "Home" key.
      Baby, I was born this way


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        Thanks all, I opted for the genius of Glenn Vergara.


        • Glenn Vergara
          Glenn Vergara commented
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          Thanks DemOnstar. Hope you find the script useful.

        • DemOnstar
          DemOnstar commented
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          No problem, yours is the kind of spirit needed to get this thing off it's arse. Keep up the valuable contribution..

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        I'd add a back to top link. I show how to do it in my blog on this site. Unfortunately, I don't have the permissions to access everything I need to add this.
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